Thursday, May 1, 2014

What My iPhone is Wearing

Everyone loves a good fashion post, right? Today, though, I'm not talking about my outfit. I'm talking about something much more important: My iPhone.

I am constantly changing the wallpapers on my phone. After all, the wallpapers are like your iPhone's underwear, and your supposed to change that every day. I like to make my home screen a pattern or a solid so that the focus is on my icons (which I have neatly organized into 6 folders. Cleanliness is the first step in getting ready for the day). I let my lock screen have a little more freedom in it's dress. I usually put a photo or a quote picture, and it usually matches my home screen. I like to coordinate. Here's what he's wearing today:

These match because my lock screen is me and my FPS from my sorority, 
and my home screen is my sorority's Lilly print!

The most important thing that an iPhone wears is it's case. This is the first impression your iPhone makes- this is his outfit. My little baby iPhone always stays comfortably dressed in a pink & grey OtterBox where I know he'll be safe. I would trust an OtterBox with my life, so I'll definitely trust it with my iPhone's. I'm also a fan of LifeProof, but this one was free (Thanks, Sam!). If he weren't such a fragile little thing I'd have a million and ten cases- there are so many cute ones out there! I'm quite keen on the "buy a clear case and stick scrapbooking paper in the back" idea, but I feel safest when my phone is snug in his OtterBox so there he will stay. 

Even though he's not wearing it all the time, where you put your iPhone is very important. Your purse is like its outerwear. Prior to getting my iPhone I was a big fan of Vera Bradley wristlets. They were perfect; I could slide my phone in the front, hook some keys on the wrist strap, stick my money inside, and I was good to go. After getting my iPhone I was lost- it didn't fit in the front pocket; what was I going to do?! I contemplated going back to a purse, but once you go black wristlet you can't go back- they are so much easier. When I found a wristlet that could fit my iPhone and otterbox I was thrilled. This wristlet was better than I ever expected, and way better than Vera. Not only does it hold my phone, I've got my keys hooked to the detachable wrist strap, money absolutely nothing in the front pocket, 15+ cards inside, chapstick, a pen, a charging cord, and room to spare. And it all hangs off my wrist! This little guy is one of my favorite Etsy purchases to date.

So, what is your phone wearing? Are there any must-haves I need to add to my iPhone's wardrobe?

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  1. Glad I'm not the only one who constantly changes my iPhone background. When I'm not using personal pictures I tend to take the beautiful photos from Earth Pics... it gives me serious wanderlust!