Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So, About My Life...

It's officially been over half a year since I made this big move, and time has seriously flown by. Not in a good way like I'm having fun, though. More in a "holy crap, it's already been six months and I'm still not even remotely settled into my life yet?!" sort of way. I haven't even found a permanent place to live. Sigh. Actually I've been kind of on the job hunt, but I haven't been fully committed to it. I just don't have the energy to spend all night writing cover letters and sending resumes after spending 8+ hours doing what I do. I know, excuses.

On the plus side, I did get a raise on the first of this month! It's just a little tiny baby raise for getting off the probation period, and you would still laugh if you ever saw how pathetic my pay stub is. I also get paid holidays now and I can take personal days. But I don't really know why I would ever need a personal day considering the amount of comp time I accumulate. Right now I'm up to 64 hours; it's actually pretty ridiculous.

Why is this post sounding so whiny? No more talking about work.

Over the last few days it's been in the 70-80 degree range here in PA, and I am one happy lady! The sub-zero temperatures we got this winter were killing me, and I prefer warm weather anyways. It's supposed to be cooling back down by this weekend, but I am taking full advantage of the shorts weather while it's here! The only thing I'm not loving about this gorgeous weather is the fact that my gym doesn't have AC. Talk about miserable! I think I definitely need to invest in some breathable workout tanks for this summer.

I also purchased my ticket for Charlotte last week! I leave July 2nd, which is less than two months away. I'm just as excited as I was last time I visited, which was almost exactly a year before this trip! Of course I've been to Charlotte and seen Sam since then. I did live there for a (very short) while and he visited me in February, but it made me smile that this vacation worked out at almost the exact same timing as the last (perfect) one.

at the Ritz!

So anyways, that's pretty much all that's going on in my life. Nothing too crazy, right? If there's anything else you're dying to know, make sure to ask me here!

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  1. Wait, your gym doesn't have AC? I'm sorry but I have to ask, how bad does it smell in there??

  2. I can't believe your gym doesn't have AC!!!!! That's insane!!!

  3. what kind of gym does not have air conditioning?!?!!? that really IS insane.

    thats exciting to have a trip to look forward to!