Friday, May 30, 2014

I Have To Sing

Some songs just make me wanna sing. No, they make me have to sing. When a song I love comes on the radio I have to stop what I'm doing or saying, crank up the volume, and sing as loud as I can. This actually drives Sam a little nuts ;)

5 songs I have to sing

Larger than Life- Backstreet Boys

This song just makes me want to strap on my roller skates and sing at the top of my lungs; a true classic from my childhood. If this song doesn't make you want to sing, I'm just gonna go ahead and label you a weirdo. #notsorry

Air Force Ones- Nelly

This song really never got the recognition it deserves. It was my favorite song back in it's day, I listened to it over and over. Do you even know how many people went out and bought white on whites because of this song? A lot.

Shots- LMFAO

This song will never ever ever get old. Nothing makes me want to sing and dance (and drink) quite like this. My friend Alex actually banned me from singing it ever again. I don't follow that rule.

Wagon Wheel- Darius Rucker

This is the anthem of every college kid. It's just impossible to hear this song and not crank it up and sing along. Seriously, just try it.

Roar- Katy Perry

I am not a Katy Perry fan, not even a little bit, but this song is just too good. It reminds me of summertime and best friends, and I can't not sing when it comes on. I'm pretty sure everyone likes this song, actually.

What songs make you sing?

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  1. Last weekend they were playing old 90's hits on the radio and I was loving it, brought me back to my middle school dance days!