Thursday, May 15, 2014

Classy or Trashy?

I just learned about a new trend today, and I'm really curious what everyone's thoughts are on it. The trend is "display showers." A display shower is when you request that guests bring unwrapped gifts to your wedding or baby shower, and then you don't have to spend the time unwrapping gifts but the guests can still browse your goods displayed on a table during the shower.

I discovered this trend when I saw an invite with the rhyme "So Mama-to-be has time to enjoy your company, please bring your gift unwrapped for all to see." After researching it, it seems there's a myriad of benefits from having a display shower: you don't have to spend the time unwrapping which can take away from socializing and be boring for guests, there are some guests-of-honor who don't like to be in the spotlight and display showers mean no unwrapping with all-eyes-on-them, no wrapping paper is more environmentally friendly, and I read that unwrapped gifts make for easier returns (this one I don't understand, but that's what it said!).

All this said, I'm against the trend. I find it tacky, and as a guest I'd feel as if the host only cares about the gifts and not the thought behind them. I like seeing gifts being opened and oohing and ahhing over cute baby clothes-it's not only old ladies who enjoy it! I also feel there are better ways to battle boredom than skipping gift-opening all together. One of my favorites is shower bingo!

I don't think that not wanting to be the center of attention is any excuse, either. I don't want to offend anyone with that statement, but you don't have to have a shower, a wedding, or a baby for that matter! If people are taking the time and money to be there and bring you a gift on your special day I think you can deal with the all-eyes-on-you for a little while.

I do think there are times when this would be okay. If you're having a shower with 80 guests, I definitely don't want to watch you open every present. I think everyone would understand forgoing the opening part at this sort of party! And I am always down for being environmentally friendly- I read about one woman who asked her guests to not to wrap because she's big on being green, but she still went through and acknowledged every gift as if she were opening them. But when it comes right down to it I think these exceptions are few and far between, and asking your guests not to wrap is a big fat no-no.

So what do you think about display showers? Have you heard of this trend before? Do you find it rude or a-okay? I really want to know your opinions!

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  1. As a many-time bridesmaid, I have to say I did really appreciate the one shower I attended as a guest where there was no unwrapping because of this trend. The unwrapping session is just annoying to be a part of, I find, and as a bridesmaid, you have to run around hauling gifts over and some of them are freakin heavy, then unwrapping, untying, untaping, and then writing everything down for thank-you cards, and it's just an enormous hassle and so time consuming. Also, having thrown several showers for others, I can tell you it isn't cheap and usually places are rented by the hour. Spending an hour and a half of that time unwrapping gifts is silly, I think, when people could actually socialize instead. And the green aspect is huge too. I mean it's just such a huge waste to throw all that paper away! As long as the bride/mother has the sense to acknowledge the people that brought gifts and send thank-you cards in an appropriate time frame, I don't see anything wrong with it. But to each their own, of course! I know there are plenty who enjoy the traditional unwrap-and-awwww show.

  2. I personally think it's super boring to watch someone unwrap gifts for over an hour so I'm all for skipping the tradition and instead focusing on the socializing. I don't think it means the mom to be only cares about gifts but instead just means they care more about visiting with their guests!

  3. I find it tacky too! I do hate opening gifts in front of people as well as being the one under the spot light, but this seems dumb. Does everyone really care what I got anyway...? Whether it's all out for them to see or being unwrapped in front of them...

  4. you know, i kinda like this trend! i've been to a few showers (baby and bridal) that requested gifts to be wrapped in clear plastic. i hate sitting through seeing people open gifts. most of the time people do not pay attention (myself included when i'm a guest). i think having them lined up on the table is a great idea because everyone can browse at their leisure and oooh and ahhh over what the bride got- sometimes when sitting in circle tables all over the room, you either can't see what the bride/mother is opening, or you can't hear them!