Monday, May 12, 2014

My Mom

With Mother's Day being yesterday I think it's only fitting you tell you about how amazing my mother is. She is my greatest role model and biggest inspiration, and I am so blessed to call her "mom."

lolol that hair!

When I was born my mom was young. Like, if it had been 18 years later she could have been on MTV. That never held her back, though. Not only was she the best mother she could be to me, she fulfilled all of her own dreams, too. She finished school, went on to college, and even went on to graduate school to pursue a degree in Special Education. She always pushed me to be the best I could and did everything she could to give me the world. We never had a lot, but we always had enough.

Growing up it was just me and my mom. That's not to say that my daddy wasn't there for me too; I truly have the two very best parents on the whole planet, but my parents broke up when I was four and it was mostly just the two of us when I was a kid. We've surely had our rough patches- my mom still has a note I wrote that says "You are the meanest mom ever. I'm never talking to you again," and my teenage years were basically just a constant screaming match.Through everything, though, she's always showed me unconditional love. My mom has truly become one of my best friends, and I'd rather spend my time with her than anyone else. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't drive home every weekend to hang out with her.

My mom makes me laugh and listens to me cry. She understand that I'm grumpy in the morning, and knows exactly when I need the cat to FaceTime me. She's been there for me through everything, even if still I haven't forgiven her for the time she ignored my drunk dial! She taught me compassion, understanding, and open-mindedness, and she helped me become a woman that I am proud to be.

My mom wasn't perfect, but I'd be perfectly okay with my children being raised in exactly the same way as I was. I couldn't have possibly had a better mother than mine, and I wouldn't want anyone else. Besides, my mom always tells me that a mother's number one job is to be annoying and embarrassing, so I know she definitely nailed this motherhood thing!

And I learn from the best, obviously.

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  1. Your mom sounds amazing. I love that she still went to graduate school even after becoming a mom. That takes a lot of work! (and I love the hair)

  2. This is so sweet! Your mom sounds awesome! Hope she had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  3. Such a great tribute to your mom on Mothers Day! Awesome pictures.