Monday, October 8, 2012

10 Things that made me happy TODAY!

1) Sleeping in. I wasn't so happy that I missed my alarm and was late for work... but the extra sleep was nice!

2) Getting a picture of my El-Bell. Love her :)

3) NOTHING TO DO AFTER WORKKKK! :D :D :D This is a rare occurence

4) Watching Teen Mom. I am obsessed

5) Talking to girl Alex (Please pick her, boy alex!)

6) Knowing that I get to talk with my sweet boyfriend before bed

7) Leggings :) So comfy.

8) Going out to lunch with co-workers. Even though that chinese food probably equals about 10 of the lean cuisine I had originally planned on

9) I had a relatively busy day at work :)

10) WALMART!!! This new walmart is seriously magical. Sooooo bigggggg.