Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

So I recently received my voxbox from influenster- a site that sends you complimentary products for reviewing and testing.  The box was full of awesome products, but I was probably most excited for the Sally Hansen Salon Effects! For those of you who don't know, they are stick on nail polish strips that you can put on your nails.  They come in a ton of cool patterns as well as solid colors.
These strips are SO easy to use.  Just follow the directions in the box and they will turn out perfectly.  They only take a minute to apply and feels almost like regular nail polish, except smoother!

 My first time using Sally Hansen Salon effects was in December '11.  I received "Wild Child," a zebra print,  and "Kitty, Kitty," a cheetah print, for Christmas and wanted to use the cheetah print for New Years Eve.  I've been really into the trend of painting my index finger patterned and painting the rest a solid color, so I decided to try it with this. I did red nail and Salon Effects on one finger from each hand.  It was AWESOME for  my new year's party and complimented my little black dress perfectly.  Not to mention I still had 14 strips left!

Sally Hansen claims that the strips last up to ten days, but she's lying... they last longer! I had my new years mani for over two weeks before I finally took it off.  I was able to wear it for new years, and then keep it for my sorority's recruitment week two weeks later.  I didn't even use clear coat... imagine if I had! The real problem with these mani's is my regular nail polish chipping :)
(Excuse the picture, my boyfriend helped paint my nails for me)

The next time I used the strips I remembered how much extra I had so I tried using one strip for two nails. I have really long nails, but it worked! So in that box of "Spring Fever" I had a cute mani for Spring Break amd FIFTEEN leftover strips! How awesome is that?!

The strips say that they can be removed with nail polish remover, but I always just peel them right off.  They never peel on their own but they are very easy to peel off when you're ready for a new set of Salon Effects ;) Or another mani, but why would you bother with those anymore?!  I've never actually tried to get them off with polish remover, so I'm not sure how easy it is.
In my voxbox I received a color called "Animal Instinct."  It's a pink zebra print, and very cute.  I am super excited to try it out for my bestie's 21st next week.  I'm thinking a mani like this: (just picture the white as bright pink!)
(I found this image on google)

One thing I wish SH would do is come out with a multi-color cheetah print sort of like this:

I would buy that in a heart beat!

So, in conclusion, go buy a box of Sally Hansen Salon Effects right now! They are just too awesome.

Love, Anonymous