Monday, July 9, 2012


I wish I could get more into this blogging thing! I love the idea of posting my thoughts online, and of people reading my stuff and being interested in my life, but I just cannot get into it.  Sometimes I write posts in my head, but then when I sit down to actually type it I already feel relieved. I'm going to try to get more into this, maybe post about recipes I make, crafts I do, and my weight loss journey (even though I keep ending up at rest stops). It's pretty late tonight, however, so I am gonna type another ten things list :)

Ten Things That Made Me Happy Today

1) Skyping with Sam this morning. God I miss that boy. (And I didn't meet my goal from a post last summer >:| )

2) We got to say I love you! Everytime we skype the internet cuts out before we say goodbye, and I haven't heard him say the words "I love you" in almost a month.

3) Cuddling with Carey. Freaking love that cat, I'll be devastated when she leaves :(

4) Making plans with Amber! Absolutely can't wait to see her.

5) Movie time with mom this morning. I love spending one on one time with my mommy <3

6) Painting my nails. They look so cute and barbie-ish. Hehe :)

7) Making dog treats for Taylor. So happy she liked her homemade frosty paws! (In case your hot dog needs a cool summer treat here's the link:

8) Natural Strawberry Popsicles... yummmm. Just strawberrys blended up and poured into popsicle molds.

9) Watching the cats enjoy their lazy sunday. Love those little babies <3

10) Watching Friends before bed! It's been tooooo long.

Well, until tomorrow, blog readers! I promise :)

Love, Anonymous