Monday, May 5, 2014

Big Fat Failure

Over the weekend I realized it was May, and I forgot to give you an update on how I did with my goals last month. I guess that's fitting since my goal post was 8 days late- really I'm early! ;)

So anyways, I think the title of this post tells you how said goals went. This month I was a big fat failure. How so, you ask? Well...

Paint my nails every week. Okay, this was actually a success! I painted my nails every Sunday, and even went the extra mile with some top coat so they looked good all week. The only exception was this past week when I used a new polish that looked like crap, so I took it off on Wednesday and had naked nails up until a few minutes ago. But naked nails are better than chipped nails, so it's still a success!

Check out at least one apartment. Ummm, no. I didn't do this. Like really, I couldn't get around to looking at ONE APARTMENT? fail. This wasn't completely my fault because I did try and schedule with Chelsae several times but it just never worked out. I've given up on trying to live with her, but that's a story for another day...

Go to class at the Y 4x/week  or just do an hour of cardio if I miss class, and start the Malibooty routine.  Welllll, this could have been worse. I did go to the classes every day even if I didn't want to, and I only missed twice. Once because I worked late and once because it was canceled. I did not do anything else at the gym on these days. One one of those days, though, I did the Malibooty routine! And that's the only time I did Malibooty...

Pre-schedule all my blog posts on the weekends. Big. Fat. Fail. I didn't even do this one time. And I just skipped posting all together several times. I am the worst blogger ever.

Learn to do something new with my hair. I kind of did this. I was attempting something else, and ended up with this weird braid ponytail thing. I've worn it to work like this several times so I guess it counts, even if it wasn't my intention. I could have put a lot more effort into this goal, though.

Even though this month was a big fat failure I'm going to continue on with these goals for May. They are really things I want to do, so hopefully this month I can manage to be a lot more committed. Wish me luck!

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  1. Really cute hair! I love those nails, very talented. I couldn't do nail art to save my life!

  2. Sounds like you achieved some of your goals, now you have room for improvement, haha! Your nails look great, I wish I had a steady hand like you!