Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Goals Schmoals

It's pretty popular around the blogisphere to make a monthly goal post. I've never participating in this goal-making thing, but this month seemed like a good month to start. I didn't decide this until Sunday, though, so it's not the first of the month like most people tend to do. Whatever, I like to blog outside the box.

Paint my nails every week. I've been telling myself I need to start painting my nails again. They used to always be perfect, but then college happened and I didn't have the time for it anymore so I got out of the routine. I'm hoping to maybe get engaged someday soon and I really want my nails to be un-chipped when that day comes.  I probably have a long while before this happens, but I should make it a habit now.

So far so good with this goal! Mani of the week inspired by this

Check out at least one apartment. My friend Chelsae and I want to get an apartment together, and we really need to get to looking. Because of my plans this weekend and then Easter the next there's not a lot of time in April to look. Her lease runs out at the end of next month, though, and it would be nice to find something now and not be scrambling at the last minute.

Werk. really need to start working out more. I feel like I get more chub by the day, and my on-again off-again relationship with the gym is doing nothing for my beach bod. I'm going to go to zumba/bokwa Monday-Thursday (or just do an hour of cardio if I miss class), and I'm going to start the Malibooty routine that I saw on Tyler's page along with my normal ab stuff. I'd also like to throw in some weights, but I'm not gonna make that a goal just yet.

Pre-schedule all my blog posts on the weekends. I did this one time and swore I was gonna do it from then on out, but I was a straight failure at that plan. It's so much easier and less stressful, so for the rest of the month I am going to schedule on the weekends.

Learn to do something new with my hair. I like wearing my hair up, especially for work, but I'm not so talented in the hair department. I want to master at least one new hairstyle this month. I'd like to learn something like this below, but I would love your suggestions on easy up-dos for work! (Pretty please- post them in the comments!)

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  1. I love the learn to do something new with your hair goal, I always say I'm going to learn something but never do!

  2. Solid goal list! Good luck with it all. Let me know what you come up with in the hair department, because I'm in some serious need of tips for third-day-hair updos that aren't ballerina buns!

  3. Sundays I always paint my nails and write my blog posts for the week. It seriously takes such a relief off my shoulders so I don't have to come home from work on a week night and try and come up with something creative to write about when I'm exhausted.