Monday, April 28, 2014

I Have an Itch

I don't know if it's all the hgtv I watched this weekend, or maybe all the pretty posts by Erin lately, but I've had a serious itch to decorate. And what am I itching to decorate? My non-existent living room. Hey, a girl can dream!

This is my inspiration: mint, coral, grey, geometric patterns, quatrefoils, and glitter- because duh. I've always loved coral, and I think mint compliments it really well. It just so happens that they're are really "in" right now, so I guess I need a space to decorate before they go out of style! I think this scheme can really transfer well from bachelorette pad to adulthood (unlike all the hot pink stuff I have from college), so my decor will last me awhile. Quatrefoils are also really in right now, but to me they're timeless (right, sisters?). I will definitely squeeze them in wherever I can.


I love throw pillows on couches, and this picture matches my couch vision pretty well, minus the gold. I want grey couches filled with fun mint and coral pillows.


And I obviously want this to be one of the pillows.

I also believe that blankets are essential in every living room. This would be perfect in my dream living room, although I already purchased the materials to sew a coral/mint blanket. What? Someday I'll have a living room!

A sparkly silver monogram is a must!

I am obsessed with bookshelves. Obsessed. I love when they hold books as well as pictures, trinkets, and those little figurines with the feet that hang off. I love those little guys.

And I'm definitely gonna need these frames for my bookshelf.

I saw this quatrefoil mirror the other day, and I have every intention of going back for it. I'm not even sure why I left it there in the first place. I love the gold, but I think I'm going to paint it a matte silver instead. And then maybe buy another gold one for someplace else in my house ;)

I'm still dying for my own space, but all this brainstorming helped my decorating itch a little bit. How would you style your dream living room? If you've done a blog post about it before (real or dream) feel free to leave it below!

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  1. I know the feeling! I decided to randomly move our bedroom around this weekend. Eric came home to everything being opposie. He says he hasn't been able to sleep well since...oops!

  2. all this stuff is too cute. I love the pillow and would love it better if there was a boston on it. :D

  3. I'm moving out of my apartment into a new place in four months and I don't even know exactly where I'll be going yet, but every time I close my eyes I'm mentally decorating it! I love that color palette, so pretty and complimentary. Gray is probably my favorite neutral, great call on that :)

  4. I've been really loving mint lately design and fashion wise. I'm with you though, I can totally get sucked into hgtv!

  5. I still need to decorate the rest of my house! I've got gray walls in a lot of the rooms though. :)

  6. Hey Amanda! I absolutely LOVE your color scheme for your living room! I think it's absolutely perfect for spring and summer especially. Those piece's are timeless, beautiful! :-) <3333


  7. I tend to move a lot, and I always get the decorating itch when I start planning my next move. I'm about to move to Las Vegas, and actually this time around I haven't gotten the decorating itch yet, but I'm sure it will come :)

    Bookshelves are just a must. In every part of life.

    Morning Neon
    "Let's move to Vegas."