Friday, April 25, 2014

Let's Get Crafty: Hair Ties

We've all seen them, right? Those weird, flat hair ties with the knot on them. When they first became a thing I was so not into it. Like, why do they have a knot in them? Then I tried them and I was hooked! They have a tight hold and really keep your ponytail in place, yet they don't tug on your hair and hurt your head the way some hair ties do. 

But what don't I like about them? They're expensive! I've seen 3-packs selling for 7 bucks. Ummm, that's $2.33 per hair tie. Say whaaaat? And that's when I decided it's way more logical to make them yourself.

Step One: Pick some cute fold-over elastic (that's what it's called. I just googled it). I chose a nice set of neons, mostly because I got enough to make ten ties for a dolla- holla! You can find lots of options on Etsy and it's typically >$1 per yard, or check your local Michaels/Hobby Lobby/ Jo-Ann's. And remember, you should never shop at craft stores without a coupon. Seriously.

Step Two: Cut them. I just measured mine to fit around my wrist, plus some extra length for knotting. If you want some technical measurements, well, I can't really help you.  Probably about 8 inches.

This gives you an idea of what size mine were. It's really
more personal preference than anything, though.

Step Three: Seal the edges. This step is actually pretty simple; you just take the edge of your elastic and put it on something hot until the edges melt a bit. I imagine you could use a candle or a lighter or something like that, but I used my stove. I'm just really high class like that.

Step Four: Tie knots. This is kind of self explanatory.

Step Five: Cut a rectangle of cardstock the same width as your hair ties. Decorate with a witty saying. Slide on your pretty DIY hair ties.

Voila! You have a set of hair ties made with love and ready to gift to your gym-going friend for a little encouragement. Get it girl!

And don't forget to make a set for yourself, too- it can get pretty sweaty backin' that azz up!

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  1. Look at you go! I feel like people charge crazy amounts for those things and now they all just look real silly. You go!

  2. Love this! They are ridiculously expensive. Totally going to go get some fold over elastic now.

  3. I'm totally out of the loop on these things and why there has to be a new type of hair tie... are my old ouchless black bands not chic anymore!? I've gotta go do some googling.. but nice DIY!

  4. I love these hair ties and never even thought about making them myself! It's so much cheaper, thanks for the tip!

  5. This is such a good idea because you're right they are expensive! Yours came out great. Have an awesome weekend girly!

  6. I am going to try these out. I still can't figure out why they're so popular, but if it's only a dollar, might as well.

  7. WOW. I am a huge crafting fan. This is why! I am doing this like tomorrow. Those things are soooo expensive.