Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Didn't Want to Tell You, But...

I recently found a link-up I've never done before, and I love a good link-up! Along with the link-up, I also discovered a fabulous blog which I am now mildly obsessed with, and will probably binge read in the very near future. So today, I am linking Kathy for Hump Day Confessions!

-I failed at day #1 of my third April goal

-I miss my boyfriend way more than I thought I would

-I'm absolutely dreading bikini season this year

-I complain about my job way too much, even though I know that I should just be grateful to have one

-I cannot stop buying things I don't need... but at least my chubby cat S&P shakers are cute!

-I have too many clothes, and somehow I still never have anything I want to wear

-I am still not over the most recent iOS update; I get annoyed every time someone calls me and their picture doesn't pop up

-I still haven't filed my taxes

-I think about getting married way more than I should

What is your hump day confession?

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  1. Suddenly really happy that my phone didn't have enough space to do the newest update {even after I deleted half my apps, pics and songs, wth?!} because that would bug me so much! Oh and those S&P shakers are too cute :)

  2. Those S&P shakers are totally cute!!!

    I have a closet full of clothes and NOTHING to wear. I understand!

    Let's not use the B word just yet! I am not ready either!!!

  3. Ugh these iphone updates are destroying my phone, I refuse to do them anymore. Every time I read your posts I realize how much we have in common!

  4. Hey Amanda!! You and your bf look so cute together :) And I totally get the having a ton of clothes but nothing to wear. I wear like 1% of my whole closet. Sad really. And the speakers are too cute! Love them! :) xx


  5. I am dreading bathing suit season so bad! In fact, I think I am going to try and avoid it hahaha fat chance (literally)

  6. OMG those chubby cat S&P shakers. So so cute!!!

  7. I dread bathing suit season too but i'm all like screw it. as long as i'm happy thats all that matters. plus there's so many bathing suits that can cover up those bad areas. and cute cover ups too. :D

    and yes you should be grateful for a job that you have. B/c I've been unemployed for now 3 mths come the end of this month and its not fun. Esp when you can't even get unemployment b/c of the new rules or something they've made. :( Jobs are hard to find but i'm leaving it up to the Lord.

    1. i'm a new follower too by the way. Just letting you know.

  8. I really like those shakers. Cute! But yes, I buy things we don't need too.

  9. hahaha i have the matching coffee cup and creamer to those shakers!!!!