Friday, April 11, 2014

Inside My Camera Roll

Last week Kay wrote the most awesome post called "36 of the Best Blog Post Ideas... EVER!" It full of great ideas, and more than a few caught my eye. One that I really loved suggested that you post the last pictures from your phone without deleting anything. So fun! Here are my most recent:

On Monday after a work training I had in Pittsburgh, me and some of the girls I work with went to DSW. As soon I saw these shoes I knew I had to try them on! We were absolutely cracking up and making a huge spectacle as I walked around the store in these. The scary part, though, was that this was the only pair left! Yikes.

Sometimes when I'm trying to Snap Chat I accidentally take it with my regular camera. I was trying to show Sam how much this koozie brightens my work days!

This is actually a zoomed in screenshot of a picture of Sam and his friends that he posted on facebook. I texted him and said "Want to see something hilarious?" and then I sent him this picture with the caption "It's your face. Bahahahaha!" What a sweetheart I am...

Parallel parking like a champ! Of course it needed documented.

I caught Keeper drinking out of the fish tank! Silly cat.

In case you were wondering what it's like to get a drunk selfie from me, here you have it. I sent this to my bff Scott last weekend. We always exchange selfies when we drink, duh.

So there you have it: my life in pictures! In case you can't tell, my life is pretty weird. What's the weirdest picture you've taken recently?

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  1. Those. Shoes. Yikessss.. I also love "want to see something hilarious?" HAHA, I'm going to do that now.. No seriously, I'm going to do that right now!

  2. But like.. can you actually WALK in those?!

  3. Ugh, jealous of your parallel parking skills. I absolutely CANNOT do it if anyone is watching or in the car with me. In that event, I usually get out and let my copilot park the car if parallel parking is necessary, or I drive around for another 38 minutes to find a non-parallel parking spot! haha :) have a great weekend!

  4. I do NOT get that style of shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KIDS THESE DAYS! ;P

  5. Those shoes are if they weren't crazy enough they needed to add rhinestones? I could only imagine what I would find if I looked at the last couple pictures on my phone---they would probably all be pics of food!

  6. LMAO gotta love drunk selfies! (:
    Those shoes though..... WTF?!

  7. Those shoes are NUTS! I wouldn't even understand how to put them on!

  8. holy crazy! those shoes! hahaha that selfie. love it.