Tuesday, May 27, 2014


After this long weekend I wish I had a really exciting America-themed recap for you, but I didn't honestly do anything worth blogging about. In fact, I mostly just watched Netflix. This was practically a crime considering how perfect the weather was this weekend, but hey, everyone needs a good Netflix binge-sesh once in a while.

I love when I can find a diamond-in-the-rough on Netflix. Sure, there's the shows that everyone loves like Orange is the New Black and Breaking Bad that are worthy of planting your butt on the couch for a full weekend, but my favorites are the ones that I missed while they were on air. The only problem with these is that they always end too soon. Sigh.

Veronica Mars. This has been gaining popularity ever since the movie came out- if only this popularity had come when it was on TV! I actually watched this on TV when it came out in 2004, and I own all 3 seasons on DVD. To this day it remains my favorite show of all time. Go watch it ASAP! Edit: this isn't on Netflix anymore :( It's worth renting through, trust me.

Lipstick Jungle. This is what I'm currently watching, and I am in love. Becca introduced me to this gem via her "What You Should Be Watching" post. It only had two short seasons, and even though I still have eight episodes left I'm already sad that it's over. If you like Sex & the City, I definitely recommend this. It's by the same author!

The Lying Game. This is another one that I actually watched when it was on TV, and I could never figure out why more people didn't watch then. If you are a Pretty Little Liars fan you should definitely watch this show, which is also based off books by Sarah Shepard. The only problem on this one is that it was canceled on a whim and ends on a serious cliff hanger. On second thought, read the books instead.

United States of Tara.  This show is so, so good; three seasons just wasn't enough. It was real, it was funny, it had passionate love and mental illness. I think it's one of my favorite Netflix finds to date. Me and my roommate marathon-watched this last fall, and could not believe we hadn't seen it before then. So good.

Drop Dead Diva. This show is actually still on TV and in it's 6th season, so someone must watch it- just no one that I know. It is awesome, though, so I'm not sure why. This show inspires my wardrobe and makes me want to be a lawyer. It's funny, it's serious, it makes me cry and laugh. It's really just got everything. If you haven't seen it then I recommend a binge session immediately.

What must-sees do you love that I've been missing?

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  1. I LOVED the Lying Games and was SO ANGRY when it just ended abruptly!

  2. I really need to get Netflix again, I feel like I miss so much not having it.

  3. I binged US of Tara about two years ago, and oh man it was so good! I loved it and was so disappointed it didn't have a longer run! Also, I feel like Drop Dead Diva has been on for wayyyy longer than 6 years. Never seen it but I can recall seeing trailers for it. Maybe my timeline is just off though ha

  4. I've heard such good things about United States of Tara. I might just have to start that after I binge breaking bad, thanks for the suggestion!