Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where I Blog

That picture is a view of exactly what I see when I blog: my cozy orange comforter. I always blog in my bed- the same way I used to do homework in college or type documentation when I'm working from home. They say you shouldn't do work from your bed; you should have a designated place for that like a desk or a table. You're not supposed to do anything in your bed but sleep otherwise you won't be able to relax at bedtime, but that just isn't what works for me. My bed is my favorite place in the house, and if you stick me at a desk I am perpetually uncomfortable.

I like to snuggle into my covers, turn on iTunes, maybe even grab a snack, and then I'm ready to blog. It drives my boyfriend absolutely nuts- especially the snacking part! He says it messes up the covers and he likes to get into a made bed at night, but he's a desk person. He doesn't get it.

Where do you blog- your bed, a desk, or some place totally different?

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  1. I use to blog at my desk during work hours but now it's busy and I don't have as much time. I now blog in the evenings from my chair, I'm not sure I like this change but we'll see.

  2. I tend to blog on the couch but every once in awhile I blog from my bed as well. I need to be comfortable!