Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Guess Who's Back?

Well, I told you I'd try and write while I was on vacation, but it clearly didn't happen. I was busy enjoying time with my boo and napping with my Elsa. But, at least I have a super fun recap for you, right?!

So, I got there Wednesday, and Sam had to work in the afternoon but we got to have lunch together, and then I went to the gym with my Sam's bff, Alex. And then I took a longggg nap, because my flight was at 5 am. Ew!

Thursday was the 4th of July and we celebrated America right- beer, a cookout, and swimming in the lake. We skipped the fireworks, and we were glad we did. It ended up pouring and thunderstorming all night. No thank ya. Sam had to work on Friday morning so we hit the hay before it was even midnight. Lame-o's!

How cute are we?

After work Friday we went to The Wine Loft in Charlotte. Have you ever been? It had a great atmosphere. I had one of the Moscatos obviously & we had a pita/hummus/cheese plate that was really good. I liked it better than the wine bar in Baxter that we usually go to, and A LOT better than the one in the university area that some of our friends like to frequent.

After we left there it was time for the surprise he'd been torturing me with, but it was so worth the wait. He treated me to a weekend at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Charlotte! This was definitely the fanciest hotel I have ever been to, and I just might be spoiled now. My favorite thing, besides pretending to be rich, was the pool/hot tub. I would have been happy never leaving that area,  but it closed at 10. Sigh.

1. Date Night! ( Read more about that later)
2. Our view of Charlotte. It wasn't that great of a view, and the weather sucked all week long.
3. Our bathroom mirror had a freakin' TV in it!
4. Mirror pic while waiting for the elevator. Losers
5. Room service breakfast! 2 orders of pancakes and a glass of OJ: $45
6. The valet gave us cookies after he brought us our car! So cute.

On Saturday night Sam and I had a date night to celebrate our anniversary/Valentine's Day/our birthdays/ everything else we've missed by not being together.  For dinner we went to BlackFinn- If you live in CLT and you've never been then go RIGHT NOW! Soooo freaking good. At first you'll be confused because it will look like a bar (they even card you when you walk in) and you thought you were going to a classy place, but then they'll seat you in the dining room and you'll be like "Ohhhh, okay."
First we got two amazing appetizers- the shrimp spring rolls (I picked out the shrimp) & the FinnFries that were super delicious. For dinner Sam had the steak & I got the Macaroni & Cheese Skillet with chicken. It may be the most delicious food I have ever had ever. Then for dessert we shared the key lime pie- yum!

Monday was my last full day and Sam had to work again; adult life is rough. So I spent my Monday Funday with one of my best college friends, Scott. After chatting, reminiscing, and exchanging gossip on everyone we could think of, we did what any self-respecting people would do on vacation- got day drunk at TGI Friday's. At this point I started really thinking about my lil' ol' blog and thinking I really owed you guys some pictures. I'm not that good at taking pictures while intoxicated.

1. "Food, Liquor, Beer" This is how a receipt should look. Oh, and I spent more on alcohol than on food. Whoops.
2. My delicious cakepop from SAS cupcakes. I forgot to take a picture until I already started eating it. My B, blog people.
3. This bathroom floor that I was just really impressed with. I distinctly remember thinking I wanted to get the bright pink walls in the picture, too. Clearly I didn't do that.

We also went to PetSmart to pet cats while under the influence. Don't even ask me why I didn't get any pictures of that. I'm dumb.

This is pretty much what I looked like.

So, that's basically it! It was an amazing weekend and I am so thankful I finally got to spend some time with my handsome guy :) Sorry I didn't take more pictures, though. My camera couldn't handle the Charlotte humidity, & it fogged up immediately every time I turned it on.

Womp womp.

Also, I'm kind of in love with my vacation toes.


  1. Hi Amanda! So nice to meet you! I love your blog and that kitten falling over cracked me up! So glad you reached out to me about being swap partners! This is going to sound positively awful but I can not for the live of me remember what blog I signed up on and what were the details were and I never got an e-mail from the host! UGH! But yes, love swaps and I'm still interested!

    1. Yeah, it's not a well organized swap. We were supposed to get our partners on July 1st, but they didn't go out until the 3rd and I've been on vacation and NOT checking my email! The blog is pink on the cheek, though, if you want to look it up!

      Also, did you know that you're a no reply blogger? :)