Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dating Disaster with a Happy Ending

Today I'm linking up with Two Thirds Hazel and One to Nothin' for their Flirting with Disaster link up. When I read about this link up I immediately thought that it would be the perfect time to tell Sam and my "How we met" story. Wait, I thought this link-up was about dating disasters? Well yeah, the beginning of our love story was quite a disaster. But it all worked out and brought us to where we are today :)

So excited after not seeing my boo thang for 6 months
It all began on the first day of my freshman year of college. There's me, a little freshman eager to meet new men friends, and in front of me was this upperclassman who's a total hunk. Score! But it was no random happenstance that had this tall, dark, and handsome stranger was sitting directly in front of me. Nope, he'd noticed me when he walked in, and chose to sit in front of me because I was pretty. Awww. And then, being the smooth operator that he is, he asked me if he could borrow a pencil. And the rest, my friends, is history.

Cute right? That's why we usually end the story right there, but I'll give you folks the long version.  

Fast forward about a month or so. We'd become pretty good friends, and one night he texted me and said "I just wanted to tell you that I would totally date you." After spending two days dreaming about being his girlfriend and getting all giddy and excited with my best friend, I finally got a chance to talk to him in person:
Me: Just for the record, I would totally date you, too
Him: Oh, um, yeah. I don't think it would be a good idea for us to date. You know, we have a class together. And, um, I like you, but, um, we have a class together and I don't think it would be a good idea...
Seriously? You can't date me because we have a class together? Whatever, dude.

My 20th Birthday! Hollaaa

Fast forward to October. We kissed for the first time, on someone else's suggestion, and even though I had multiple prospects at the time. I was kind of a playa as freshman...

Fast forward another week, I start dating Matt. The next day Sam invites me to ride with him to Clemson to get some free alcohol one of his buddies rescued from a liquor store that burned down... don't even ask. One the way home, out of nowhere, Sam says to me "If you were single I would totally date you" (we clearly said totally a lot back then). I have no idea what I said back, but I remember what I was thinking: I WAS SINGLE YESTERDAY, MORON!

Fast forward another month or two, Matt breaks my heart. Jerk. And Sam becomes my knight in shining armor by giving me a place to stay at the beginning of winter break, and driving me to the airport so that I can get home for Christmas, since Matt was supposed to do those things. Jerk.

I mean really, how cute are we?

Fast forward to January and we're back at school. Now Sam realizes what he could have had all along and he's trying to get me, hard. But I hadn't forgiven him for last semester yet. For a solid month he bought me flowers, took me on dates (What, is a girl supposed to refuse a free meal?), gave me Jersey Shore V-day cards, and asked me to be his girlfriend at least once a week. And you know what I said? "NOPE." Hey, a girl's gotta have standards.

NYC! Please ignore that woman's hiney
By mid-February Sam was pretty fed up with me, so when I showed up to a party and he was there we were both thinking "Great, just who I didn't want to see." His friend, Lauren, told him "You should make out with another girl to make her jealous." And make out with another girl he did, right in front of me. So what was drunk little me supposed to do? Well clearly start making out with another guy; what other option did I have? And PS, these people were both major downgardes. So there he is kissing another girl to make me jealous, and there I am kissing another guy out of jealousy. And there's everyone else at the party whispering about us. Alcohol leads to great decisions. 

No really, it does, because Lauren's plan worked. I was insanely jealous. After getting so much attention from him for the last month, I couldn't stand seeing him with another girl, so I made sure his attention was back on me by the next afternoon. And a week later we were Facebook Official! It took about another week until I was actually dating him because I liked him, and not just so that no one else could have him, though. That's true love, ladies and gents.

So you see, we're 4 years in and madly in love now, but at the beginning we were, well, flirting with disaster :)

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  4. aww how sweet. Glad there was a happy ending. Did you ever find out what the deal was at the beginning? Class is a pretty sketchy excuse.. ;) Thanks for linking up! xo