Monday, July 29, 2013

I Believe...

I believe in pink... lots of pink

I believe in glitter and all things sparkly

I believe that red high heels are always appropriate

I believe in Starbucks
I believe in listening to Taylor Swift daily

I believe in standing up for yourself, and for everyone else

I believe in the snooze button

I believe in always saying I love you
I believe in getting crafty

I believe in cheap wine

I believe in pumpkin flavored everything

I believe that you can't go to PetSmart without stopping to see the kitties
I believe in leggings as pants- just wear a long shirt

I believe in taking chances

I believe in cheesy rap music

I believe in tailgating, and I believe in purple & gold
I believe that cute cups prevent dehydration

I believe in open-mindedness

I believe in watching Pretty Little Liars, and texting your best friend through the whole thing

I believe in being proud of your accomplishments

What do you believe in?

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  1. I believe sunny weekends at the beach sooth your soul. Great post!

  2. i believe that tea cures everything; that exercise is the key to serenity and balance and that weights make you feel and look badass.

    what a great post!

  3. Cute post. I believe in optimism in the face of adversity:)
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  4. I like the one about PLL, but most of my friends DVR it and don't watch it live and tell me to stop texting them because they haven't watched it. So... in short, my friends are losers. jk. :) Love this post! I believe in doing what's best for you, no matter what the haters say.