Monday, July 22, 2013

Maybe Being a Crazy Cat Lady isn't so Bad...

I've never understood why old ladies with lots of cats have such a bad rap. I mean, what's so great about having a husband anyways? Boys are smelly, gross, sometimes mean, and often unreliable. Cats, on the other hand, are great. They're always down to cuddle and they never cheat. Yeah, cats are definitely superior to men.

& I'd chalk that up to a win

Why Having a Cat is Better than Having a Boyfriend:

All boys are really good for is cuddling, and cats are better at it anyways. Cats take up so much less space, since they do tend to be like a 20th of the size of a boyfriend. Plus there's never any arguments about who's gonna be which spoon.

Body hair isn't gross when it's on a cat. But on a guy? Keep that back hair to yourself, mister.

Yep, I definitely prefer my cats with fur

Cats won't judge you. They don't care if you wear sweatpants all day and they won't say a word if you skip shaving your legs for a day or seven. I'm pretty sure they enjoy your singing, too.

Cats will never ignore you to play COD... but they might just ignore you. Fortunately they only weigh about seven lbs though, so you can just pick them up and force them to hang out with you.

A cat will never accuse you of being a stage 5 clinger. In fact, I think cats prefer clingy girls. Oh, you want to hang out all day every day? Yeah, your cat is down for that.

A cat will never cheat on you, and if they are acting sneaky it usually leads to laughter, not tears.

So there you have it! Having a cat is obviously better than having a boyfriend.

Disclaimer: Yes, I do have a boyfriend, but he's well aware that our relationship is 10% about me liking him and 90% about his precious cat, Elsa. Oh, I've already mentioned her on this blog ten thousand times? Well here's another picture:

you're welcome :)

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  1. Oh you DA CAT LADY! I got the points but still boyfriend-less and pet-less.
    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

  2. yay another fellow crazy cat lady!!! love this. the pic of the "i need to shave" is the cutest. haha

  3. This post is pure genius! I have 3 of my own. So, I think I qualify.

  4. I wish my son wasn't allergic to cats, or else I'd be the president of the cat lady fan club!