Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No Seriously, That's Stupid

I recently saw a post from that I just spent the last 20 minutes searching for and cannot find anywhere. Point me in its direction? But it was about things that she hates, but everyone else seems to love for some reason. I thought it was inspirational and I decided to bring you my own version!

Snapchat- This is probably the dumbest thing I've heard of. Seriously. You might know by now that I don't have a smart phone, and I always thought it sounded stupid but had no first hand experience. And then when I visited my boyfriend I tried it out on his phone, and it's even dumber than I had expected. Why would I only want to look at a picture/video for 7 seconds? Sam says he wants to use it to send me pictures of Elsa all the time. Um, hello. I like to gaze at her precious furry face for minutes at a time. Not 7 seconds. And once you send them you can't go back and see what you sent. Stupid. Alex was trying to talk to me about a picture I snapchatted him and I was like Um, that was three hours ago, and I snapchatted you like 10 pictures of her. Do you seriously expect me to remember what you're talking about? I can't even remember what I texted people when they respond immediately. Oh, and you can't snapchat old pictures from your photo album. More stupid. (snapchat rant over)

Chocolate Chip Cookies- these are the grossest cookies. No joke. And it's those damn chocolate chips that ruin perfectly good cookies. Who wants semi-sweet chocolate? I like my chocolate to be all the way-sweet, not semi-sweet. And don't even get me started on how dumb dark chocolate is. I like my chocolate to be milk. Or white, that's even better.

Katy Perry- Yeah, she is terrible. First off, she's so weird looking, even when her hair isn't purple. I've heard lots of guys go on about how hot she is, and I gotta tell you I just don't see it. At all. And more importantly, her music is terrible. Well, except Firework. That's a quality jam. But every other song of hers is stupid. I mean, she has a song about doing the no-no-cha-cha dance with an alien. Really?

Fries dipped in your Frosty- Who even thought of this? It's freaking disgusting. French fries and chocolate ice cream do not go together. They just don't. And don't even tell me not to knock it 'til I try it, because I have tried it, and you know what it tasted like? A soggy, cold, chocolate flavored french fry. Ew.

Puppies- And now that I lost all of my followers, let me explain. I don't hate puppies, but I just don't really like them. Sure, they're cute. In pictures. By they are tiny furry monsters, and I can't handle it. They eat your makeup, and steal your shoes, and pee all over the floor. I just don't have the patience for those little nightmares dogs. Can I get a kitten over here, please?

Welp, that's all I've got for ya, folks! Is there anything that you can't stand that everyone seems to love  for some reason?
Oh, and I'm linking up with Shanna for Random Wednesday!

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  1. Haha!! I actually agree on puppies. I love to look at them and play with them - when they belong to other people. I got Hawkeye when she was 1. I don't do puppy stage.
    Love those cookies though, sorry dude.

  2. I love me some chocolate chip cookies! But yeah I agree with a lot of the other things. Except puppies. Well, ok I like dogs better than puppies because they are trained :)

  3. Not gonna lie - I'm on the Snapchat bandwagon and I love puppies, but I'll agree with you on Katy Perry... not a fan.

  4. i prefer the chocolate chip cookies WITHOUT the chips!! i agree with you. sometimes the chocolate is so overwhelming!