Saturday, July 20, 2013

Friday Favorites

Oh hey. Now that Friday is practically over, I thought I should probably go ahead and post. I may never get the hang of this "posting on time" thing...

In honor of, well, Friday I've decided to link up for 5 on Friday to bring you my favorite 5 things from today!

1) The tan I got at the beach today- yes please! It's about time I got a little color :)

2) The tie-dye shirt I made with my cousin & wore today! I'm really kind of in love.

I tried to get a picture where I was actually wearing it,
but I spent all day at the beach so I look kind of ugly

3) My gold nail polish finally came in the mail today! Again, kind of in love. It's so shiny and pretty, & the fact that it was free doesn't hurt either!

Hand model alert!

4) The Bath & Body Works sale that's been going on forever now. Full-sized Midnight Pomegranate spray for 3.50? Yes please.

5) That Same Love plays on the radio. Seriously, it makes me tear up every. single. time. I feel so lucky to be apart of the change that is happening right now, and I can't wait for this all to just be a part of history. Trust me, there will come a day that gay marriage is a non-issue, and there's equality for all. And I cannot wait.

And on that note, let's #backthatazzup!

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  1. Hahaha I bet you don't look ugly at all! I LOVE that nail polish!

    1. Haha, thanks! & me too- I can't stop looking at my hands! :)

  2. Popping over from 5 on Friday :) I am obsessed with the Midnight Pomegranate spray from B&BW! Lovin' their sales too.

    1. It smells soooo good! I'm kind of just obsessed with B&BW, though.