Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Wouldn't Wish it on Any Dog

This is Taylor, my sweet pup. Taylor is 8 years old. She loves barking, being petted and cuddled, and eating cat food. She hates thunderstorms, going outside to go potty, and whenever the cats get attention.

One more important thing about Miss Taylor: she has Lyme disease. This has been an incredibly sad thing to watch her go through. Lyme disease has mainly affected Taylor's joints and muscles.  She trips and falls often, and if she stays on her feet for too long her back legs give out. Taylor loves going for walks, but she can't walk walk farther than to the end of the block and back before her legs start to give out. There's been many times that she had to be carried home because she couldn't walk any farther on her own, and she is not a small dog, by the way. Taylor has always had difficulty going up stairs- they freak her out, but now she can't even go down the stairs without falling; poor baby.

This is a terrible picture, but you can see how she can't really
get her legs up and under her when she's trying to stand

Imagine watching your dog tumble down the porch steps every time she has to go potty. Imagine seeing your dog run after something with her back legs dragging behind her. Imagine being woken up in the middle of the night because your dog fell and she can't get up. These are all things I've experienced, and watching her struggle is absolutely devastating.

"Gimme that treat!"

Lyme disease is such a horrible illness, and I would never want any dog to go through what Taylor is going through. That's why it is so important to do everything you can to prevent Lyme disease in your dog.

  • Pet, cuddle, and brush your dog often- this is the best way to check for ticks. For the bacteria that causes Lyme to be passed to your dog, the infected tick has to be attached for 48 hours. It is so important to find the tick and remove it asap!
  • Always medicate your pet for fleas and ticks; never skip a month. Not only will a monthly dose of Frontline protect your dog from Lyme disease, it will keep her (and you) from itchy flea bites!
  • Don't leave your dog outside to be bitten by ticks! We have pets so that we can love them; so what's the point of having a dog who never comes in the house to be loved? Dogs love their people, and they want to be inside with us where it is safe.
  • If your dog is acting out of the ordinary take her to the vet immediately! This is a must for any illness, but it can be extremely effective for Lyme disease. Most dogs who's Lyme is caught early and treated are symptom free and healthy within a year. Unfortunately this hasn't been the case for Taylor, but it could be for your dog.
"No pictures, please!"
Keep your dog healthy, and prevent Lyme disease! For more info, check out this site, where I got my facts :)

And now that I'm done being all serious & depressing over here, head over to  Dog Hair is an Accessory and Understated Whimsy's Tall Tails link-up and look at some cute pet posts! (Not that Taylor isn't cute, of course!)

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  1. this is such an amazing post. thank you! people need to take that medicine seriously. do you know how long after they are infected with it that it can still be helped?

    1. I'm not a 100% on this answer, but I believe it can still be helped at any stage. Like with any illness it's best to catch it early, but the vet told us when Taylor was diagnosed that after a year on antibiotics (Taylor's been on Doxycycline, 1 month on 2 months off) that most dogs fully recover. Some can experience lifelong symtoms, and the latter has been very true in our case. Taylor was diagnosed about a year and a half ago and her condition has drastically worsened, even with the Doxy, injections every few months from the vet, and pain management. I think it's part about timing, but also a lot about luck.

  2. also so much hugs to that pooch. i hate to see her struggle :(

  3. I'm so sorry fo you and Taylor! She's so freakin cute and I can't imagine having to watch my pup go thru all of this. You are an incredible puppy mom!

  4. I'm so glad you posted this. Lymes is a nightmare for people and pets alike and so many people don't even know! You're right, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know that pets could catch Lymes disease like humans can.

    Your dog is lucky to have you!

  6. Poor Taylor! So sad that she has Lyme Disease. My dog tested positive for lyme at an appointment a few years ago, and they gave her medication and had her come back a few weeks later. Thankfully her levels were way down! Hope Taylor has some good days coming up!

  7. So sorry that your dog has to go through that...I would be devastated too. Thanks for sharing the info and the tip to keep our dogs safe!