Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's Going Down...

I'm yelling Tinder!

Yep, I downloaded it. I've been seeing bloggers and everyone else post about this "dating app," and since I'm 65 in a 23-year-old body, I was like "what the frick is a Tinder?" No, but really. I did not understand what the hell a "dating app" was, so I decided to do my own research. And keep your pointy little fingers to yourself, Sam was fully aware and supportive of my online adventure.

So, in case you're as clueless as I am, let me explain this new-age dating to you. Basically you download this fancy little app, and then you have to create an account using your facebook account- but don't worry it  won't tell the facebook world how painfully desperate you are that you're using Tinder, it just uses your info to let you know if you have any friends or "likes" in common, and it pulls your pictures from there.

So anyways, once you're all logged in you get to looking for hunks. If you find a hottie you swipe their picture to the right, and slide it to left for a big fat NOPE. Then, if one of your right swipes gives you a right swipe you're matched, and you can send each other messages. This is where the creepiness begins.

I mostly just tried to see how much I could talk about Teen Mom and cats before guys got bored of me. The answer was a surprisingly long time. What else was surprising was how quickly they could turn a friendly cat conversation into a conversation about their wiener.

The answer to that is a resounding no

And then there were guys like this.

And no, I never messaged him back.

What was this even supposed to mean? I work like 3 miles from my house...

And if nothing else, it was a good ego boost!

My Final Review: This is the sort of thing I would have found hilarious as a teenager, but now that I'm an adult I'd rather meet weirdos at the bar- at least that way I get a free drink out of it! Cheers!

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  1. Weird, weird, weird. Do normal guys use Tinder or are they all freaks?

  2. Weirdos! I'm glad i'm not in the dating pool anymore lol

  3. Wow. Online dating is the worst (speaking from experience).

  4. Would a big bulge in my pants work? Seriously? What a freaking creeper!!!!

  5. hahaha I am so glad I am not in the singles scene anymore because this app sounds awful! I think it's hilarious you made a profile though haha!

  6. OMG hilarious! My cousin (a boy) is obsessed with tinder... he's like "I can talk to hot chicks all day"... yikes....

  7. I'm laughing so hard right now! That adventure really paid off! Now we all know how not to find a guy (if we didn't already)! :)

  8. When I read the title and the first line, I was like, "c'mon!! Isn't the title of the song TIMBER?!" I'm going to have to watch the video now after watching that gif.
    This actually sounds like a fun app to mess around with. I'm so immature that I might get a kick out of it. LOL