Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why Blogging Makes Me Hate My Life

Yesterday I decided to be Suzy Homemaker and cook a delicious dinner for my roommate and myself.  Broccoli Cheddar Soup in Homemade Bread Bowls. Why Sam hasn't showed up on my doorstep with an engagement ring is beyond me.

 But anyways, as I was putting this picture on every form of social media I have to show the world how domestic I am, I thought to myself about the bloggers who are always cooking stuff like this. And then I started thinking about the bloggers who are always doing other things I just don't have the motivation to do. And then I started feeling inadequate, obvs. And this post was born.

I rarely cook, and I don't meal plan.

Bloggers are always cooking delicious gourmet meals, and I'm over here like "Which Lean Cuisine so I want for dinner?" And then, not only are they cooking five course dinners every damn day, they're planning them out ahead of time. Like, how do people meal plan? I don't know what I want to eat until I'm hungry. Plus, what if I planned to make tacos, but I really just don't feel like chopping lettuce today? If I meal planned for the week it would look something like this:

Monday: Lean Cuisine
Tuesday: Go to Sam's and ask him to feed me
Wednesday: Lean Cuisine
Thursday: Lemon Pepper Chicken with Broccoli and Mashed Potatoes Lean Cuisine
Friday: Beer

I don't look cute 95% of the time.
How is it that all of these bloggers always have perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect makeup, and then a Pinterest-worthy outfit to go with it? Most of the time you'll find me in yoga pants with a pretty tragic bun on top of my head. And if it's any shirt other than a tshirt from my sorority days then it probably doesn't see the outside of my closet very often. And let's talk about my nail polish. Right now I have three nails painted three different colors because I was testing colors at Walmart... three days ago. And I think their might be a piece of grass dried in my toenail polish. #IwishIwasjoking

I have no disgustingly cute love story.
Have you ever noticed how precious everyone's love stories are in blogland? Well, if you read me & Sam's love story, you know that calling it unromantic would be an understatement. I mean, unless your idea of romance is him making out with another girl to make me jealous, and me finally agreeing to be his girlfriend so that no one else could have him. If that's the case, then we're freaking adorable. On top of our not-so-cute love story, we're pretty much never cute in our every day life. I think the sweetest thing he's said to me lately is "It took awhile before I was okay farting in front of you." 

My life is pretty damn boring.
Since it's basically blogisphere law to post a weekend recap on Mondays, we always get to see what an awesome weekend our bloggy friends had. But you know something about my weekends? They're usually pretty lame. A typical weekend for me is not realizing it's Friday, spending all day Saturday laying on Sam's couch while he plays Grand Theft Auto, and then watching football and playing Candy Crush on Sunday. Not really a whole lot of blog material in there, right? I always wish my life was full of Fireball shots like Whitney, or hiking around breathtaking waterfalls like Erin, but it's just not.

I cannot post every day, at the same exact time.
Seriously though, how do bloggers manage this one? I can't even manage to get a post up five days a week, but at the same time each day? You must be joking. Where do bloggers get the inspiration for so many damn posts so early in the day? Can somebody send some of that inspiration my way? I'm working on this one, though. It's in my long-term goals.

When I think about all these things that other bloggers do that I can't, I start to feel pretty bad. But then I remember that I, too, have some winning characteristics. I can eat an entire package of saltines in one sitting, I can seriously rock a pair of pajama pants, and I can watch netflix like it's my day job. Maybe life isn't so bad after all!

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  1. Hahah oh girl, I feel the same way. Most of the time I look like the hot mess express and I never publish my post because at midnight because ain't nobody got time for that.

  2. Don't feel bad! I like never look cute and I have a very boring life haha!

  3. Hahaha it's all about writing something ahead of time and scheduling it to post at the same time they scheduled every other post for.

  4. This made me laugh, my life is pretty boring too which is probably why I have so much time to experiment with different recipes haha! And I definitely schedule different posts in advance!

  5. This post is awesome! I don't understand how people can have stuff to blog about 5days a week. I'm lucky if I have inspiration for 3 days.

  6. I was just feeling this way this morning. Like how do all these other bloggers get their posts out every morning or always know when to link up or always look freaking adorable. Then there's me standing in my closet just staring every morning for a solid five minutes trying to decide what I would feel comfortable and yet sort of cute in that day. I love your blog cause I love that you're real and relatable! Remember there's others of us out there in the exact same boat as you, and we love you for it!

  7. Ha ha, don't beat yourself up. I have a theory that these people that have everything perfectly represented on their blogs are really not that way in real life. We all have our issues! The Lean Cuisine thing? I'm right there with you. Except sometimes I eat Ramen instead.

  8. HAHA. My life is so boring too and on Tuesday this week I had popcorn for dinner. I feel like we are long lost friends!

  9. Hahaha! I only take pictures of myself when I'm pretty.
    And if I didn't meal plan, I might shoot myself. I seriously HAVE to do it to be able to put dinner on the table. Nothing fancy though. Salad from a bag and some sort of protein and carb.

  10. Girl, I'm right there with ya on all of them except the cooking. I LOVE to be in my kitchen. But as far as looking cute, posting daily and having an interesting life - just no. It's not happening. :)

  11. I was craving broccoli cheddar in a bread bowl today! I'm officially jealous.

  12. I totally know what you mean! I love blogging most days, but there are days that I just think WHAT am I going to write about. And end up not posting because I think to myself who would want to read that!

    Very envious of the bloggers with more fabulous lives that can seem to post interesting things day in and day out!

  13. post when you want to post, girl; that's what i do. i have a 5yo and a full time job but to post errday? AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO' DAT. don't get me wrong; i LOVE blogging and the folks in the blogosphere are all kinds of amazing but i just don't have enough time in the day (or ideas!) to post every day.

    Vodka and Soda

  14. LMAO...this is mostly the reasons why I blog and not YouTube so much :) No outfits of the day, my hair is in a ponytail, and I'm boring :)

  15. "I just, I can't." LOL Like seriously, I can't even find the motivation to write sometimes for a week, let alone have blog posts scheduled ahead of time. I menu plan, but it's rarely followed because I realize the chicken I was supposed to put in the slow cooker at 9am is still frozen in the freezer at 5pm. Oh well. My kids are awesome, they're okay with eating cereal on days like that.

  16. I just take my food pictures when I cook something interesting or yummy. Then write up a post and the recipe then post it later when I need a filler post for times when I don't want to blog or need a post quick.

    It's not that bad. I'm also not a fashion bloggers. How unfomfortable to be in clothes like that 24/7.. I need yoga pants or I will punch someone in the face. Dressing up every now and then is great but I don't even WANT to look pretty all the time. It takes effort to get dolled up and it's annoying at times.