Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I Love About Halloween + Giveaway!

Hello little blog readers :) Halloween is right around the corner and I am so sad it's almost over so excited it's almost here! (I get really glass-half-empty about holidays). I've never been one for costumes though; I haven't truly dressed up in probably 13 years. I usually just throw on some cat ears and call it a day.

Circa 2009

There are lots of things I do love about Halloween though...

Carving pumpkins. I live for pumpkin carving time, although Sam and I decided to forgo it this year. Wahhh :(

Circa 2011; no, I don't get too fancy.

Fall Festivals. I drag Sam to some sort of festival/corn maze/ pumpkin patch every year. He hates it, but I have a blast. This year I pretended like I was getting a pumpkin, it eased the pain a little.

Candy! I mean, duh. Who doesn't love candy? And Holiday candy is my weakness.

Nail Art. I might not do costumes, but my nails are always dressed for the occasion. Last year I did the most awesome spiderwebs, and if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my Frankensteins yesterday.

The fact that everything is orange! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find this color the rest of the year? Well, I do, since it's my favorite color. I always stock up on all the orange home decorations and craft supplies that don't look too halloweeny!

Helene in Between

And now for the good stuff- giveaway time! This month I took part in Baily Dailies' October Sponsor Giveaway! You can win some awesome gift cards to Starbucks, J. Crew, and Posh Lane, as well as some ad space! What are you waiting for? Enter now!

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  1. Awesome nails!! I had Frankensteins last year too!!

  2. I love orange too--it's such a warm, cheery color! Those nails look awesome, but I know if I tried that it would not even turn out slightly the same.

  3. ohh there are so many fun things about halloween! I love pumpkins!

  4. I love all things fall and so by default, Halloween too! I didn't get a pumpkin this year either. So sad!

  5. I love those nails with the bat design! What an awesome giveaway, its definitely putting me in the halloween spirit!

  6. I'm the worst pumpkin carver ever. No one should let me near a pumpkin carving tool kit, ever.