Thursday, October 3, 2013

You're the One With the Accent!

Last week I read about this link-up with Munchkins and the Military and Not In Jersey. I immediately fell in love! The biggest thing that surprises me when I meet people for the first time is their voice, so I'm always interested in knowing what people sound like! On top of that, living in NC/SC but being from PA has made me really interested in accents. I mean, I obviously don't have one, but these southerners sure do talk weird ;)

Share Your Accent

For this link-up, what I did was I took this quiz and then I recorded myself reading the questions aloud so that you can hear what I sound like. Feel free to click the link and follow along so that you know what words I'm saying.

(For some reason it uploaded in two parts. We're just gonna roll with it)

I am the queen of awkward

And these were my results! They say Pennsylvania, so this is absolutely correct for me. I lived in Erie, PA for almost my entire life.

Oh, and I told you I don't have an accent. I can't wait to rub this in Sam's face show this to my boyfriend :)

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  1. Replies
    1. I got the same as you.. 90% though.. look at us with no accents!

  2. man...this was way off for me :/

  3. def. doing this and making it into a post! :) mine came back 88% North Central otherwise known as Canadian.

  4. thanks for linking up! is your video on youtube? if it is, you go to share and then embed and copy in your code!

    1. I see it! :) you are cute! and I'm glad your results were right for you.

  5. Well I just took that quiz and I got 100% Inland North, which is right since I'm from Michigan. Still I'm a little surprised since I've lived in the South for 25 years.

  6. YAY! Thank you for joining! You definitely don't have an accent! (:

  7. omg this is really really interesting! I cant wait to take the quiz!