Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I was over on Lindsey's blog, with absolutely no intention of posting on my own today, and I thought her post was cute and easy and that I should just post the same thing! So you can thank her that you're actually hearing from me today :)

I am currently...

Drinking... water. My fave :)

Watching... United States of Tara. I know I've mentioned already that I've been watching this on Netflix, and I still am. I just started the final season and I am so sad already. I'm really mad at myself, though, because I looked up spoilers last night and now I know how the whole thing ends. I need some self control for real!

Eating... Nothing at the moment, but I'm still thinking about the delicious breakfast I had earlier. As I was eating it I thought to myself "you know, I'm getting pretty good at cooking! Maybe there's still hope for me..." And then I crunched on an egg shell. Womp womp. I hope my future husband can cook.

Wanting... A bajillion dollars, a new pair of jeans, a chai tea latte. Oh, and a big girl job offer that wouldn't require me to move.

Hoping... that I feel a little braver today than I did yesterday.

Excited for... my cat Nellie to be home! She lives with my mom and she's been missing for a month, but she finally came home two nights ago! I really wasn't expecting her to come back.

Frustrated with... these annoying dogs, and the fact that my roommate does not take care of them. I do not want to be woken up to the sound of them crying because they have to go potty, and then feel obligated to take them out because I know you won't get up until 1 pm. Take care of your damn dogs before I flip my shit.

Um, I did not mean to get so ranty. Whoops.

Annoyed with... The dogs. Hah. 

Why can't they be cute like these dogs?

Thinking... Way too many thoughts in my pretty little head. Can we go back to a week ago when all I needed to think about was how to attach glitter to a bulletin board and whether I could afford a new pair of jeans?

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  1. I would also love a bajillion dollars, let me know where to find it! Glad your cat came home safe and sound!

  2. Oh don't make me come over there and flip my dog-lovin' ass on your roommate! Because you know I'd do it for the pups!

    Also, water, nommm. I swear it's a miracle that either my insides haven't drowned or I don't just walk around leaking it from my pores. I drink at least 5+ 24-oz. Tervis tumblers of water every day!

  3. The dogs are adorable! I wish I had a bajllion dollars too!

  4. ugh, wouldn't it be great to go back to those days... i tell you!

    ugh, the WORST about the roomate's dogs. UGH. good luck with that one. i wouldn't be ballsy enough to say anything, so i'd be in the same boat taking them out early in the AM.

  5. Uuuuugh. You have to take care of your roommates dogs? SO annoying!
    I need a new show to watch! Checking out United States of Tara today! Have you seen Revenge? It's my favorite!

  6. hahaha i love the little gif of the dogs on the treadmill that's hilarious.
    I found your blog from Lindsey at Life on Countryside becuase you commented on my guest post! Loved your post today!