Monday, August 5, 2013

The Most Exciting Weekend EVER!

...just kidding. But it was a good one! So let's just get down to it, shall we?


This weekend was the fair in my little town, and I was so excited to be able to go this year! Since this is my first summer post-college, it was the first time I've been to this fair since High School. Normally I'm already back in the mountains for RA training by now (cue nostalgia here).

It was a grand time. I love fairs. The food, the people, the sunshine. Love it. My favorite thing is all the vendors selling their crafty stuff. I bought some homemade dog treats that were too cute. My dog doesn't like them. Figures. Oh, and the best part? Right at the end of my road there was a winery with a booth set up, and they were doing free wine tastings. Yes, please.

Now I'm guessing you want to know about the worst part of the day? Then let me tell you about my funnel cake (which isn't the one pictured, btw) Okay, so I opted for the cinnamon sugar instead of powdered; let's try something different right? Well they totally jipped (gipped? idk) me on the cinna-sugar. But fortunately my parent's house is right off Main so I was just like "Oh, I'll just add some more when I get home. Problem solved." So I carry my delicious funnel cake home and sprinkle it like crazy with Cinnamon and sugar- this bitch is looking delish.  So I tear off a piece, take a bite, and... I had just sprinkled salt all over my damn funnel cake. Really, Mom, who keeps salt in a bowl marked with an S? My mom said "Well, just think of all the calories you saved yourself from." Yeah, I guess that's true.


I mostly worked all day Saturday, but after I finally got home we were sitting out by the fire and we heard a cat crying and crying. Obviously we had to rescue it. We brought him inside and he was just the sweetest thing in the world. Look how cute:

We dubbed him Noodles and I loved him. Except when I picked him up and he scratched the heck out of my arm; it turns out that Noodles doesn't like being picked up.


Sunday was a very lazy day. I slept late into the morning and spent the majority of the day cuddling with Noodles. Then we walked around the neighborhood and eventually found Noodle's Chewy's owners. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little sad. But my sadness was cured with Indian food for dinner- my absolute fave.

  1. Yummy veggie appetizers; the Veggie Sakora was delish
  2. Naan! 'Nuff said
  3. Palak Paneer. I could eat this for every meal and seriously never get sick of it.
  4. Before you leave they have a little dish of candy coated fennel and I am obsessed. It's so good; it reminds me of the taste of Good & Plenty candy

Sooo, if you've never had Indian food you should probably go get some for dinner tonight. And then we rented the movie Admissions. It was pretty good, although not what I expected. And I don't think I liked the ending.

So that was my weekend! Nothing too crazy, but it was a good one. And now I have to go wait impatiently for Bachelorette finale time! Yay yay yay!

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  1. well that funnel cake in the picture looks AMAZING. and i would have been realllly P-Oed if that happened to me! :(

  2. Indian food and fair food all in one weekend? So jealous of all your good eats!!!

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend to me! Fair food is the best.
    Lovin' the new look to your blog too :) Great job!

  4. Oh gosh salt?? I would be devastated!!

  5. Zoey Dechanel Gif? Okay sorry I suck and can't spell her name and am too delusional and tired to google it to make the correct changes! I love her! The cat is adorbs!!! Hooray for rescuing!