Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beach Ettiquette

Hey Readers! I'm away today because I'm over posting at one of my very favorite blogs, She Crab Soup. But don't worry- while I'm posting over there, Kelli is here to talk to you guys :) Take it away, Kelli!


Hi there! I'm Kelli and I blog over at She Crab Soup. Earlier this year I quit my cushy job in North Carolina for an opportunity to live at the beach! I can say that since that time I have found so much happiness, but I've also become a beach expert.

It's amazing how many people go to the beach every day with little regard to there fellow beach goers. I don't want you to be one of those people so lets discuss some beach etiquette.

1. When you arrive at the beach looking for your perfect spot try to choose an area at least 3 to 5 feet away from other beach goers whenever possible. Unless I know you I don't want to hear your conversations or your music, you would be amazed at what people discuss on the beach like it isn't a totally public place.

2. If you choose a spot in front of my please don't set up a chair or an umbrella. I didn't come to the beach to look at the back of your chair or the top of your umbrella. I came to see the waves crash onto the short and watch my kid to make sure she isn't swallowed up by a shark or swept away by a rip current.

The perfect beach view

3. Please keep your bocce balls and frisbees away from my head. I understand some of you are active on the beach and want to play a game but pick an area away from the rest of us beach going folks. Getting clubbed by a firsbee while you are trying to tan with your eyes closed is not a lot of fun.

4. When it's time to leave don't pick up your towel and shake it right where you were laying, the sand you are trying to get off just blew right into someone's face. Not cool towel shaker not cool. Drag your towel to the top part of the beach before you start the shaking process.

5. When you get to the rinse off station please only rinse yourself and you kids, I really don't want to wait while you rinse off every chair, umbrella, and cooler you brought with you. If you are that afraid of getting a little sand in your car you might want to find a pool next time.

That my friends is proper beach etiquette. If you want to read more about the beach and what the life of a beach bum is like come on over and check out my blog!

Isn't she fabulous? Now hop on over to her blog to read my post, and don't forget to follow her while you're there!

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  1. Omg they should post this list on every beach ever! When Brian and I were in the Dominican in March this obnoxious family of like 10 put their chairs literally 6 INCHES in front of my chair! I was so mad

  2. Hahaha! Wonderful!! Can we add the #5 that you don't need a freaking bar of soap. Yes. I've seen people actually SHOWER at these shower things.

  3. Love these! We need to figure out a way to post this up at all the beaches. ha!

  4. Kelli and I are beach brethren. I couldn't agree more. Especially with the conversations. I've heard some crazy ish talked about at the beach.

  5. Yes. Yes yes yes. And for the love of all things holy please quit smoking on the beach! That ish travels and secondhand smoke is the worst.