Friday, August 9, 2013

Shark Week

Yesterday I posted about the show Shark Tank, and since it is Shark Week after all I thought I'd keep with the sharky theme. Too bad I didn't think of this Monday.

8 things that should just get eaten by sharks:

This gif makes me pee myself.
1) All the Halloween candy that's already out on the shelves. It is AUGUST. Let's just celebrate the holiday that actually happens this month, my birthday, and save the Halloween crap for when it's actually fall. Thanks.

2) People who walk side by side down the middle of the damn sidewalk. Hello, I have places to be. Can you move your leisurely stroll to the right a little?

3) Girls who dress like Skankzilla and then wonder why disgusting men try and hit them up. If you tuck your chesticles back into your shirt people will stop talking about them. Just try it, it works.

4) Mona from Pretty Little Liars. I don't trust that B one bit. I'd like to see how many text messages the liars get once we feed her to Jaws.

5) My creeper neighbor who always conveniently has yard work to do when I'm in the backyard tanning. You're the one who put up the eleventy zillion "no trespassing" signs, so keep your eyes in your own yard. (PS. Does this sound hypocritical because of #3? Meep).

6) People who constantly post about how sad/mad/upset they are, but then ignore the comments asking what's going on. If you're going to post 20 depressing statuses a day people are going to wonder what's up, so don't mention it if you don't want to talk about it.

7) Those two cars that drive next to each other on the highway going 5 under the speed limit. Seriously, MOVE. If you're not going fast enough to pass them then you shouldn't be next to them.

8) People who complain that it's too hot when it's 80 degrees, and that it's too cold when it's 70. WHAT DO YOU WANT?!

Sooo what would you throw into shark infested waters?

I definitely would not feed this song to the sharks. Obsessed! :)

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  1. Chesticles Hahaha! I love this whole post too funny.

  2. Loved this going to lurk I mean follow your blog now

  3. Oh this is great! Especially #6 & #7! I HATE those people!

  4. Love this post! so funny! Number 3 is so true!

  5. The sidewalk thing is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. Must be nice that some people never seem to be late for work or class...

  6. Everything about this post is perfect. The highway one is one of biggest pet peeves.

  7. HAHA Love this post! And it's not hypocritical at all! You're in YOUR backyard! A-ok if you ask me. I have too many pet peeves to contribute to the list :)

  8. OMG! I totally love that GIF!!! The little one on my lap is laughing like crazy!
    I didn't realize that there was already halloween candy out! WTF?! Kinda like Hobby Lobby putting their Christmas stuff out in July.... What?!
    I'm totally one of those temperature people.. I guess it's part of being from Florida.. LOL

  9. New follower here :-) Ugh Mona makes me so bad too. She is so shady and I just don't trust her at all. This show is so nerve-wracking but I just can't stop watching!!!