Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's Almost My Birthday!

Oh hi, Blogland. My birthday is in one week. ONE WEEK!

In case you were wondering, I'm pretty excited. I love my birthday, it's the best. So anyways, the question that I know is burning in all of your minds is "What should we get you for your birthday?!" Well, I made you a list.

1. A private jet. All of my friends live in different places and it makes me sad. If I had my own plane I could play with all of them whenever I want, and there would be nothing to be sad about.

2. This entire collection from Bath & Body Works. The lotion, the room spray, the candles; I want it all. And if you could get lots of the car scents that would be great. They're my fav.

3. A black Maxi Skirt. I am seriously having the hardest time finding a plain black maxi skirt with no slit up the side, and that isn't sheer. So, if you could just find me one that would be great.

4. A whole bunch of cute salt & pepper shakers. I do collect them, you know.

5. These adorable wine glasses from Whitney's Etsy shop. A little birdie told me that she's offering 20% off right now, too. But you'll have to head over to her blog to find out about that! :)

6. This necklace. Don't worry, I'm sure my boyfriend won't find it creepy at all if you show up at his house and ask for a mold of his fingerprint and his cat's paw.

7. A billion dollar gift card to Etsy, since we're on the subject. I just want to buy, oh, everything on the site.

8. A hamburger bed. I'm pretty sure this is self explanatory.

9. A case of Pink Moscato. Hey, I'll even share with you!

10. A kitten. Sam already said no to this one. Jerk.

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  1. adorable necklace!! i so want that with both of my cats paws. forget my husband bahaha. if you get the hamburger bed, it'd only be natural to get a hamburger phone to match for your room.... http://www.hipsterchic.com/hamburger-phone/

  2. My bday is in 10 days!!! I'm actually putting up a birthday wish list on my blog on Thursday! It's already written :-) Love love the bath and body works stuff! I always spend wayyy too much in there! And aww those shakers are too cute! My aunt gave me some kissing mini dachshund ones for my bday last year! I also have a lab peeing on a fire hydrant, plus seasonal ones for all holidays and seasons! They're just so fun!! I hope you get everything you ask for! Share the jet with me?! and the pink moscato!? Yum

  3. i want that necklace and who wouldn't want a hamburger bed?

  4. I was with you all the way to hamburger bed then I just laughed. So funny, but a great place to take a nap!

  5. I think I might ask for a private jet as well, and definitely that etsy gift card! Good luck with your gifts!

  6. omg love the necklace! and that bed is so so cool! If you would like to guest post for me, let me know! I'd love for you to!

  7. I couldn't swing the private jet this year . . . maybe when I finish school. But check your twiiter messages for an early birthday surprise!

    Thanks for the shout out about my wine glasses. This made my day!


  8. haha, sign me up for the hamburger bed for Christmas.

  9. Hhhaappppy early birthday! That freaking hamburger bed. Can I have it too?!
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog

  10. Whhhattt? I totally need that collection from B&BW!! I seriously can't wait for Fall. And happy early birthday :)

  11. OMG I love all of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. OMG I love all of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!