Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shark Tank

Does anyone else love this show as much as I do? Seriously, it's great.

So I was thinking about what I would invest in if I was a shark, and I must say, I have some brilliant ideas.

Zero Calorie Ice Cream- Why doesn't this exist yet? If we can have zero calorie pop then why isn't there zero calorie, well, everything? I know that Diet Coke isn't good for you, but people buy it. And people would most definitely buy the ice cream, too. I'll take that deal.

Magic Nail Polish- You know those markers that only write on paper? Now imagine nail polish that did that. You would never have to worry about getting paint on the edges, and you wouldn't have to be terrified when your 3-yr-old niece says "Can I paint your nails?"

Push Up Sports Bra- Why aren't these more popular? I mean, sure I'm wearing a sports bra because I'm getting ready to work out too lazy to put on a real bra, but I still want to have nice boobies. I will market these to the masses, and they will sell like hotcakes. Trust me.

Fur-resistant Little Black Dress- Crazy cat ladies everywhere will go nuts! Imagine, you put on your LBD for a night on the town, then you pick up Fluffy to kiss him goodbye, and DAMN IT! Your dress is covered in cat fur. Now you have to find the lint roller, and you missed your cab, and your date leaves, and your whole night is ruined. But what if fur didn't stick to your dress? Your social life is saved!

Plug in Coffee Cup- Don't you hate when your Mocha Latte gets cold, and you take a sip but it's so disgusting you have to spit it all over your friend? Now, what if you had a coffee cup that plugged into the wall to keep it heated to the perfect temperature? Just adjust the dial to your desired temp and enjoy a hot cup of coffee all day! And for the commute to work, a car adapter is included. Obviously.

So there you have it! If I had any business and/or inventing skills, I would market these to the sharks and they would give me lots of money and we'd all be millionaires! Too bad I don't.

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  1. LMAO!! I always want to watch, but hubs skips over it. I'm all about your dress idea! My dog sheds far too much!

  2. I love the dress idea too. I have a black lab so this needs to work for white pants too!

  3. Seriously. Fur. Resistant. Clothing. Got to work today, only to find a lovely batch of Zuko fur on my shirt. That I lint rolled and then didn't touch him again. Normal.

  4. Oh girl, you are seriously onto something with the push-up sports bra and cat hair free LBD. I would pay big bucks for those!

  5. Haha, love this post!!! It's a great show! Some of the ideas people come up with are hilarious!

  6. damn, i would buy one of those coffee cups.