Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Wish My Birthday Was Everyday

Hiiii. So, I've been totally neglecting this little blog and everything to do with it. If I haven't replied to your email for like a week, it's not you, it's me. And I probably have not visited your blog in awhile. Sorry. I promise to get back on my game... soon. But more about that next week.

ANYWHOODLES, I'm sure you're all dying to know what I did on my birthday, so let's recap, shall we?

My mom and I have been wanting to go horse back riding for awhile now, and it just worked out that we were both free on my birthday and that none of my siblings could go so we went! It was a ton of fun and the perfect way to start out my twenty-third year.

Then we came home, showered off the horse smell, and got ready to celebrate. This is me looking older and wiser, plus I've gotten a lot of compliments on my outfit, so I thought I'd share ;) The only thing that I got recently and you could still actually buy are the shoes, though.

Shoes: New York & Company, Skirt: Charlotte Russe,
Tank top: Wet Seal, Cardigan: WalMart (Nope, I'm not fancy)

And then I got a cat for my birthday! Thanks, mom.

Meet Fluffypants!

Taking Fluffypants for a walk.

Fluffypants can fly!!!

And then we went and got Hibachi.

Me and Littlest Brother :)

I liiiike Pinaaaa Colaaadassss
(& getting caught in the rain)

Little Brother catches a shrimp in his mouth

Me & little brothers
My Pina Colada was a little too strong, and Little Brother on the 
right said he'd only smile if I gave him a dollar. 
So this is the picture you get.

And then we came back and had Cake Boss cake!

Va-Va-Velvet, anyone?

Honestly, I expected this cake to taste like sparkles and unicorns, and it didn't. It tasted like store bought cake. I was a little disappointed.

And then I wanted to go out for drinks, but no one wanted to go out on a Tuesday... Lame-o's. Don't worry, I'm making up for it every night this weekend :)

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  1. That cat is awesome! I hope my bday is as great as yours was! Btw I would have gone out with you on a Tues to drink some wine, I'm free as a bird! Have fun this weekend celebrating your bday, I'll be doing the same :-)

  2. Sounds like you had the best birthday ever! Hibachi is my favorite!

  3. I'd go out for drinks on a Tuesday! But sadly I live far away from you. Check your mail Saturday!

  4. That cat is amazing. Glad you had a great day!

  5. Amazing birthday!! I'm so glad that it was wonderful!

  6. I absolutely love the cat ballon and the outfit looks great on you! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!