Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm Going to Grow Old Alone, OKAY?!

So, next week I'm headed to Charlotte to see my most favorite little kitty in the world and her handsome dad. I am super excited for this trip. I mean, duh, I have a hot boyfriend who wears a uniform every damn day and I finally get to see him after a month (I know, shut up. A month is literally nothing but I'm feeling dramatic). But I have to confess that there's one little thing I'm not excited for- all of the questions I know I'm going to come back to. Every time I return to regularly scheduled life after seeing Sam everyone's eyes go straight for my left hand; I don't even get a "welcome back" first.

I wish that I could say this phenomenon only occurs after visits, but I am constantly being asked when I'm going to get engaged. Like, why do you think I would have the answer to that? Because I don't. Maybe never. I don't fucking know. And did you maybe ever think that could be a touchy subject in a relationship? Because it totally kind of is in mine. In fact, I would LOVE to get engaged. But, there's thing I'm missing called someone who wants to marry me. And I'm actually totally cool with that, but not when you ask me about it all the fucking time.

When people ask when we're getting engaged I used to say things like "Oh, we haven't talked about it yet" or just flat out "I don't know" but no one can ever drop the subject with that kind of answer. Nope, this leads them into questions like "Do you want to?" and "Do you think you will someday?" I really don't know why people think it's any of their business to ask me that. I've taken to responding with "Never, I'm planning to get 15 cats and die alone." No one ever knows what to say after that, but for some reason it doesn't stop them from asking again a week later.

And you know what's even worse? When people who know me ask him. What in the world makes you think that's an acceptable thing to do? What are you thinking?! 

I really just wish people would realize that when I get engaged, they will know because of the overflow of sparkly diamond pictures on their instagram feed. Okaythanksbye.

So tell me, do you also have the single-girl-in-a-long-term-relationship problem? Does it drive you nuts when people ask you about marriage? Do you fantasize about punching them in the throat? Oh, just me?

And since I don't talk a wholeee lot about my relationship on my blog, I'll answer all these FAQ's really quick- just don't ask me about it! Yes, I want to get married someday. Yes, I think Sam and I will get married. Yes, we talk about marriage. No, I don't think it will be anytime soon. No, I don't want to know when. No, I don't think four and a half years is a long time to wait. No, I don't want to end things if he doesn't propose soon. Yes, people ask me that question.

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  1. i can't imagine how freaking annoyed that would make you feel. i haven't had this issue but reading this post just makes steam come out of my ears. i had a friend in a very similar situation, and i know that it was kind of rude and really none of my business to ask when her and her boyfriend were gonna get engaged. they dated for 7 1/2 years before they got engaged (just recently). i mean, what the hell is wrong with people? i never asked because i know if that was me, i wouldn't want to be either! the cat pic is kind of funny though ;)

  2. I don't know why people think anyone else's life decisions are their business to inquire about.

  3. People can be so nosey sometimes, just keep doing what makes you happy! Also your gifs make me LOL.

  4. Oh girl I totally feel your pain, Brian and I got this ALL THE TIME before we got engaged and it was SO FLIPPING FLAPPING annoying. People suck!

  5. That does seem rude to ask. I'd just probably say something snarky each time.

  6. I'm crying laughing. I Love the cat lady picture. And it's no one's business but yours when you're getting married. Everyone else can deal with it. :)

  7. bitches are too nosey. i dated my now husband for five years before we got married and only because 1) marriage isn't a big deal to me and 2) i was actually afraid of marriage for a long time. but the worst thing is that it doesn't stop there; once you're married, it's when are you going to have kids?? then if you do have one, it's when are you going to have another? then if you happen to have another and are thinking of a 3rd, it's why are you having so many? it's too much!

    ugh, it's annoying and stupid and people need to STFU.

    anyway, sorry i'm late to commenting on this post. work BS all the live long day has been distracting me from life but thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda