Friday, August 22, 2014

I'm the Girl Who...

I'm the girl who runs this blog, but there's probably a few other things you'd like to know about me. It's been awhile since I just talked about me, plus I turned 24 this week so, hey, I could be an all new person by now!

-will always choose comfort over fashion. Always.

-loves Taylor Swift more than is socially acceptable, and won't apologize for it. Her new video has 13 million views, and I'd say at least a million of them are from me.

-cannot stick with anything. Seriously, I'm the worst.

-tries her hardest not to talk about her boyfriend, but loves being asked about him

-owns way too many scarves

-has expensive taste but a very tight wallet

-has a dinosaur comforter on her bed, which she stole from her brother when he decided it was too "baby-ish"

-loves to paint her nails, but has no patience when it comes to letting them dry

-doesn't see herself  the way that anyone else does

-sings constantly, even in public. (Have I ever mentioned I'm embarrassing?)

Who are you?

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  2. I'm the queen of smudging my nails when they're wet, the worst! I need one of those things they have at the salons.

  3. I also choose comfort over fashion. I cannot understand people who will wear some hideous, awkward thing just because "experts" say that it is "trending".