Monday, August 18, 2014

Another Year (almost) Gone

Well, it is officially my birthday week. AKA, I only have 2 more days of being 23 EVER. It's actually pretty crazy, I really feel like I just turned 23. The past year has gone by at the speed of light, and I'm not even really sure how I've spent it. A lot has changed in the last year, but a lot is still the same, too. It's funny how time passes without us even noticing sometimes. 

This time last year I was living in Pennsylvania and getting ready to move to South Carolina to live with my best friend. This year I'm back in Pennsylvania, though a different part of state. 

This time last year my favorite color was orange and I wanted everything I owned to be covered in glitter. Neither of those things have changed, not one bit. 

This time last year I had never lit a candle due to my irrational fear of fire. While I'm still terrified of fire, I did finally light my first candle last week! It turns out that those extra long lighters are significantly less scary that the regular ones (but still scary). 

This time last year I was driving my trusty green '98 Toyota Camry. I'm still driving that Camry, but I no longer refer to it as "trusty." Piece of shit is a bit more accurate. 

This time last year I was 22 and anxiously awaiting my birthday. This year I'm 23 and wondering where the hell the last year went. 


  1. Happy Early Birthday. It's crazy to think how much gets accomplished in a year (and how much tends to stay the same, haha). Hope you have a great week!

  2. You youngin!! I will be 26 on Saturday wahhhh!