Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY Desk Accessories

With back-to-school being just around the corner (or already here for some of you!) I thought I should probably share my latest craft with you guys. I'm out of school, but I recently got a new office at work and I lost a lot of my drawer space so I needed some desktop storage. Oh, and I'm also broke. I had to work around that, too. Without further ado, here is my pencil cup, sticky note holder, and divided box!

Supplies needed:

-2 sheets of paper- find a pattern you like and print it out, I used Lilly Pulitzer's Pansy Dance print which I grabbed from their blog. You could also use scrapbooking paper!
-1 sheet cardstock- also printed on
-Glue- not pictured
-Mod Podge- any kind, but I used gloss
-Paint brush
-Ribbon or other decorations
-4x6 plastic photo frame
-Small Pringles Can- empty and rinsed out

Pencil Cup

For this item your gonna need your clean Pringles can and one of your sheets of regular printer paper, along with the mod podge and paintbrush. First, trim your paper to be the height of your Pringles can (sorry, I don't know the exact measurement!) and about 10" long. Next, coat your can with a layer of mod podge. 

Stick your paper to the can starting at one end and wrapping it around the can, flattening any bubbles as you go. Once you have it stuck down and bubble free finish it with another layer of mod podge and let dry. You're done! 

Feel free to add a bow or some decorations if you want. If you're extra fancy you could also touch up the top of the can with some silver acrylic paint. I am not that fancy.

Sticky Note Holder

This thing is seriously the simplest thing I've ever made, I don't even think it needs a tutorial. Don't worry, though, I'll give you one anyways. (This item was inspired by this post- thanks Pinterest!)

So for this item you're gonna need your plastic frame, a sheet of paper, scissors, and your ribbon. Trim your paper to be 4x6". You can also print it this size in your printer settings, which is what I did. Crop your pattern to 4x6 in PicMonkey, save it, then print the picture and choose the 4x6 option.

My messy computer screen!

Once you've got it printed and cut out just slide it into your frame. Add a bow around the top and any other decorations you want- I thought about adding my name above the bow! To keep my bow in place I taped it on the back. You're holder is done- time to add the post-its!

Grab your notes- I recommend using a coordinating color for your pattern, or you can do what I did and just use the ones your work gives you for free. Whatever. Take the back piece of paper off then stick the whole pad onto the front of your frame. Make sure to push down hard so that it's good and stuck!

And voila, a beautiful sticky-note display!

Divided Box

For this last item all you need is you printed cardstock, your scissors, and some glue. To make your box you first need a template. There are lots of box templates online, but I used this one. Print out the template, cut it out, and trace it onto the unprinted side of your cardstock. I didn't use the lid, but you could if you wanted to! Once you have it traced just cut it out, fold on the dotted lines, and glue down the flaps. 

To give mine a more finished look I coated the inside and outside of the box with mod podge. This part is optional, but if you want to do this you'll need to let it dry over night.

Next you have to make the dividers. Grab you left-over card stock and cut out two strips that are the same height as the sides of the box, and the same length as your box diagonally. 

Once you have two strips, measure to the center of each strip and cut a slit halfway down the short way.

Using the slits, put the strips together to form an X.

Insert your X into your (dried) box. Fill with paperclips, pushpins, and other small objects. Tada! A cute box for all of your smallest office supplies.

And there you have it- a whole set of desk accessories, custom and cheap! I absolutely love the way mine look sitting on my desk, and I love even more that the whole project only cost me $1.50! The frame was a dollar at Dollar General, the Pringles were .50 (and I had a snack while I crafted), and everything else was free or I already had it lying around. Enjoy!

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  1. AWESOME!!! this is so so great! how cute, love the post it holder!

  2. Very pretty! I also love the idea of the post it holder!
    Growing Little Learners

  3. So cute! And I think I might actually be able to pull it off, too! Hahaha! I'm obsessed with office shit!!!!