Thursday, July 10, 2014

You Can't Take Me Anywhere

So I have a confession: I'm embarrassing. Seriously, I don't recommend going out in public with me. Even though I embarrass myself on a very regular basis, one of my most embarrassing moments happened just this past Easter.

On Easter this year I stayed at my mom's house. The end of her block has churches on either side of the street, so there are always cars lined in front of the house on Sunday mornings- Easter was no exception. My mom wanted me to go outside and look at her flower garden with her, so I came into the front yard of our very suburban house dressed in my pajamas with unbrushed hair- like I said, I'm embarrassing. I immediately noticed a sweet little cat peering out of a car window directly in front of the house.

Doing what any normal crazy person would do, I said (loudly) "There's a cat in that car! I'm calling animal control." I then proceeded to run over to car to check out the cat. I started meowing at him and dancing around so his eyes would follow me. As I'm putting my crazy cat lady tendencies out there for the whole world to see, a college-aged guy came running out of the neighbor's house...

He started stammering "I'm sorry! That's my cat! His name is Walter, I really love him! I promise I've been checking on him a lot! He has water in there! I promise I'm not a bad pet owner! He's my first cat and I really love him! I'm sorry!" Cue mortification.

So the cat's owner wasn't in church after all. Nope, he was thirty feet away and he had heard me threaten to call animal control on him, then came outside to find me meowing at his cat in all of my pajama-cladden, bed-headed glory. I ran into the house ashamed and left my mom to talk to this guy about how much he loved his cat, Walter. When he was finally confident that we weren't really going to call the authorities my mom came in and just started laughing. I don't think she stopped for ten straight minutes. That was a moment I'm sure I will never live down.

Now that you know my most embarrassing moment, tell me yours! I need a good laugh at your expense ;)

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  1. haha oh gosh this is awful!! at least he had water in there for him.

  2. Hahaha! I probably would have done something similar though. I talk to dogs that get left in cars all the time.

  3. This is too funny! I can imagine myself doing the same thing though, which is party of why I like it some much! I'm glad I'm not the only embarrassing person out there :)

  4. Don't be embarrassed, I'm a freak when it comes to leaving animals in the car on a hot day. I have stayed with a car looking for the owner and have threatened to call the police multiple times!

  5. hahaha omg I love that you were meowing!