Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Googled What?!

Remember last week when I admitted that I'm embarrassing? Well that is not limited to meowing at strangers- my google search history also illustrates my embarrassing behavior. When Jess & Kelli announced their I Googled What?! link-up, I knew I'd have some weird ones to contribute. Here's just a little sample of what I've googled lately:

How far is thirty feet?
I'm just really bad at envisioning distances... I must have been hoping the internet would help me with that. But really, what did I think I would get from this search?

Guy running Hey Stop!
Wait, what? Was I talking to someone? Was I trying to figure out how to get running guys to stop? Was anyone even running?

Jewel you were meant for me
This is a really good song and totally not random at all. AT. ALL. But really, it's been stuck in my head for days!

Boyfriend doesn't want to get married anytime soon blog post
Well this is a tinge on the pathetic side. Whatever, I just wanted someone I could relate to. I didn't find a blog post to read, either. SIGH. (this is all in good fun, promise. If blogs has emojis I'd put the laughing-so-hard-he's-crying guy)

Mint Fuzzy Fabric/ Mint furry fabric/ mint colored fluffy fabric/ pastel aqua fluffy fabric
I have googled various combinations of this approximately one million times. I just need some mint colored plush fabric, is that so much to ask? Why don't they make fluffy fabrics in mint?!!

I just need this, but in mint! Why can't I find it?!

What's the weirdest thing you've googled lately?

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  1. I try to change my Google searches around if I don't find what I want too, check the Joann Fabrics site for mint plush fabric!

  2. bahaha my favorite is the "how far is 30 feet!" Runner up is the boyfriend proposal ;-)

  3. The 30 feet one, don't feel bad because I TOTALLY cannot envision or estimate distances either. Like I know what 5 feet looks like and I've been to enough football games that I can guesstimate 100 yards but anything else? No idea.

  4. This is funny! I feel lame for not googling anything weird.

  5. Haha! Great post! I am constantly googling any and everything I can! My main googles are transfering our system to metric when talking to my Australian friend!

  6. lol dammit where is the fabric! did you try going to a craft store or fabric shop?

  7. Try Walmart for the mint colored fabric, they have a lot of plush fabrics, super inexpensive.