Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Letters

I've never done Friday letters before, but I see once in a while on my daily reads and decided to give it a shot. I think it might even be a link up? Feel free to add my link if you know of one ;) KIDDING!

Dear work, I'm really not feeling you today. Let's just call it quits now and reconvene on Monday? Dear boyfriend, I am so excited your going to be here on Wednesday. I wish I got to keep you for more than five days! Dear work friends, I am SO glad we've all gotten so close lately. You guys have completely changed my outlook on this place. Even though I'm still looking for something new (and so are all of you guys, actually), it will be SO hard to leave my sparkly unicorn friends. Dear Bachelorette, I really want to be more interested in you, so if you could become more interesting that would be great. Dear fall, I've really been missing you lately. I wish you were the only other season that existed besides summer. The only thing I don't like about you is that you're followed by winter. Dear cough, I am so over you. If I have to eat one more cough drop I'm going to puke. Which will probably occur in about 2 minutes since I'm currently hacking up a lung. Dear free kittens, why are you popping up everywhere? Please stop taunting me. Dear brain, please stop stressing over that thing your stressing over. If you're not going to do anything about it (and you already decided you're not) there's no use in even thinking about. You can't change anyone's mind but yours and you're better off just living your life & going with the flow. Dear Friday, thank goodness your here!


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  1. i see my man friend on Monday - and i wish i could keep him for more than 2. luckily he will be back 7 days after he leaves but STILL...........

  2. I'm with you on work friends. My job can be pretty boring sometimes but my friends at my job has made the days go by so much faster.

  3. ugh, i wish you could see your guy more often at longer increments!!! happy friday. and the free kittens they are EVERYWHERE. if i didn't have 2 already i'd be adopting one!!!!!