Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday Night Out

Last night during my lazy movie night I was craving cranberry juice so I decided to run to walmart. I opened my closet to grab a tshirt, but saw this sexy teal dress I bought a while back but haven't had a chance to wear and thought "...what the hell?" I put the dress on, a pair of heals, and headed to walmart for some cranberry juice and cat food :) I figured if anyone bothered to ask about my attire I'd tell them I was on my way back from a wedding; perfect plan. It was definitely silly, but it was nice to get all dressed up and to finally wear that dress; the event I bought it for didn't pan out and I haven't had a chance since.
Anyway, this is the dress:

The dress is a lot sexier on me, because I bought it a little small and I've gained weight, so It's tight, it's short, and it looks damn good. I love that dress :)

In other news, I'm really missing my boyfriend today. I could never date a guy in the military :) lol. I swear right here, right now that next summer we WILL be together. Unless he gets the job he wants. Le sigh. And then I won't see him for 6 straight weeks. I really do hope he gets it, he wants it badly, but I am so tired of having to be away from each other all the time. I want to just get married already. I crave that stability. Ohh well.

Well, I'm gonna cuddle with my Elsa-Bear. Goodbye :)

Love, Anonymous

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