Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rough Day

Today has been a really rough day for me. so I'm gonna do another list of ten, and then I am gonna post some pictures from when I've been happy, or things that make me happy.

Ten Things That Have Made Me Happy Today
(This will be a tough list)
1) Elsa was super playful this morning which is a first for her. It was a fun change of pace.
2) I wore Sam's pajama pants and shirt. Wearing his clothes makes me feel close to him. Silly, I know.
3) I found the first episode of season 2 of Drop Dead Diva online. It answered a lot of my questions :) Now Netflix needs to put season 2 up so I can watch them all!
4) Shaving.
5) It was nice to have the living room to myself for most of the day
6) I emailed Sam; I love talking to him in any form. Now I wish he'd email back!
7) Marty. I have him every day, but he really did make me happy today. I love him a whole lot for a beta fish :)
8) Waking up next to Elsa. That makes me happy every day. I love having a cat around so much.
9) There was a new episode of Good Luck Charlie up on Netflix. That was cool.
10) Between reasons 9 and 10 I got up to go to the bathroom, and Elsa followed me. Then she sat down and waited for me to finish, and while I washed my hands she jumped onto the side of the tub and waited, and then she followed back out to the living room. That made me happy. I love how much she loves us. She runs to the door to greet us, she always sits on our laps. She loves in the way some people think only dogs can. She makes me happy♥

Elsa makes me so happy. I didn't just want her, I needed her. I always said that if I had a cat the quality of my life would automatically improve, and it did. I love her so much.

Marty, my beta fish, makes me happy. He is just a fish, but he's been an awesome companion. It's nice to have someone in a dorm room, even just a beta fish, because dorm rooms get pretty lonely.

Sam makes me happy, so happy. I love him so much. He's been the best. He wants a girlfriend like him. Someone whose had a perfect life, who has no problems, nothing to cry about, someone just fun and happy all the time, but instead he got me. And he's the best when it comes to dealing with me. He's not always the best, most thoughtful man on the planet, but I can't count the times he's held me while I cried, talked on the phone with me in the middle of the night. He's one of the few rays of sunshine in my life. ♥

These are flowers Sam gave me before we started dating. In fact, they were yet another attempt at getting me to say yes. I didn't. And he probably asked several more times before I finally did. He hates the story of how we started dating, but it makes me so happy. I don't think there's any other man in the world, especially a man with options, who would chase after a girl, get turned down time after time, and never give up. His determination means everything in the world for him, and there aren't words to express my gratitude for what he did and dealt with. He was exactly what i needed.

Love, Anonymous

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