Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cats, Cuddling, and Carrot Cake?

First off, why Cats, Cuddling, and Carrot Cake? It's a running joke with my friends and I that these are the only three things I like. Of course this isn't true, but they are three things I really love. If you had to describe me and three words, those would be a good choice.

I LOVE cats, and everyone knows it. I wouldn't necessarily say that I like cats more than the average cat person, they aren't even my favorite animal, (my favorite is otters, although cats are my favorite domestic animals) it's just that when I am away at college I miss my cats so much. Smokey, Kitty, and Trouble are the lights of my life.

Cuddling. Who doesn't love cuddling? Well, this girl sure does! There is nothing in the world more relieving than cuddling up next to my boyfriend and bawling my eyes out. A woman needs that once in a while :) I'm also not a good person to sleep next to on a hot night, lol. When I think of getting married, the part I look forward to most is getting to sleep next to the man I love every single night. I just find sleeping with someone (as in snoring, not sexing) to be the most intimate, romantic, and special part of a relationship. I love it :)

Lastly, Carrot Cake. Well, when I originally made this list I was just craving carrot cake. But to be quite honest, I am always craving some sort of cake... unless I'm craving ice cream :) I also love to bake, or at least the idea of baking. I'm probably the least domestic woman in the world. I can not cook. But give me a pack of "just add water!" muffins, and I'll have a blast whipping those up!

So, there's a brief description of me and blog. Hopefully it will be interesting, maybe it won't, but I think it will be awesome to write on. Goodnight, Moon!

Love, Anonymous

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  1. You know that I had to go to the post with "cats" in the title, and it just so happened to be your sorry to drudge that back up (I guess I win with bringing back the oldest post possible, huh?). Love your blog, so glad you found mine so that I could become your newest follower! :)

    PS cat ladies for life!!