Friday, August 14, 2015

Our First Date

So I guess you could say I'm new around here, and I anticipate lots of new readers heading this way. Due to this I figured I should reintroduce myself. I mean, if you've never been around here before this is basically like our first date! Right? Well, let's pretend that's true, because I found a funny list of questions to ask on first date, and I'm answering them right here for you! I didn't answer all of them because, well, I didn't like all of them. I do make the rules around here!

Can you fight a bear?
I have to be honest with you right now, I really feel like I could. I mean I'm pretty tough, so I don't think it would be a problem. You know, if it came down to it.

Who was your best friend in 2nd grade?
This girl named Sami. We were bffs from like pre-school to fourth grade. We're not friends anymore but I do follow her on instagram. She has a couple babies now.

What are five things you do with a pencil besides write?
1- erase. 2- put your hair up. Well, I can't. But some people can. 3-tap it on your desk to annoy the people around you. 4- use it for nail polish art (more on this later??!!) 5- Stab someone

In 60 seconds, tell me as many things you can do with a brick as you can.
Omg. Pressure. Okay, build houses. build walls. Build a school. Build one of those really cool exposed walls like Monica has in her apartment. Put it in your purse and then ask people to hand you your purse so that they'll be like "WHOA, what do you have in here, A BRICK??!!" and then you can be like "Well, actuallyyyy..." Ummm, build something else? Phew, times up.

What is the best compliment you ever recieved?
"I can tell you really care about your job" or "I can tell you really care about the people you work with."

What do you wish more of your friends would do with you?
Likeee, just make plans in general. I have flaky friends. And swim. Why do adults just want to lay next  to the water? I wanna be in it! Let's play Marco Polo!

Would you like me to bring you doughnuts?
Why yes, yes I would.

If you could have a meal made specifically for you right now, what would you get?
Well, this is hard because I just gorged myself with Chipotle a little bit ago (side note, if you want very large scoops at Chipotle go 5 mins before closing. Pro tip.). But, okay probably some avocado/ sweet potato/ cream cheese sushi and one of those smoothies I read about at work today (diced pinapple and coconut sorbet +ice blended together. Sounds amazing.)

Do you like Raisinets?
Duh. Although I prefer vanilla yogurt covered raisins. Nom nom nom.

If a witch were to cast a spell on you turning you into an inanimate object what would you prefer to be?
I think I would want to be a purse. A designer purse, obvi, because if someone has a designer purse they're probably taking good care of me. And then I can still travel and see the world. If you were a bookshelf or something you'd always be staring at the same damn thing.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I see myself married to Samuel, of course. I see us having two little babes and owning a beautiful house hopefully in the Harrisburg, PA area. I also hope to be pursuing my doctorate at that point, if that's something I decide to do.

So, what would you ask on a first date? Also, feel free to use my blog prompt! let me know in the comments so I can check it out; I don't want to be the only one talking on this date.

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  1. They opened a Chipotle here a few months ago and I still haven't tried it, I need to get there now that most of the tourists have left!