Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Blogging is Hard

Guys. Blogging is SO hard. Why is it so hard? I swear that I meant it when I said I was gonna blog more, and then I just... didn't. I don't even know why. Some people like to blog as an outlet when the rest of their life sucks, but I'm the opposite. I'd rather blog about my sunshine and roses life, ya know? But I don't think life is ever sunshine and roses. Anyways, I have no idea where this blog post is going. So I'm just gonna tell you some random stuff about my life.

I recently binge watched all of Scandal on Netflix. I'm dying to watch season 5, but I can't stand watching tv on tv. So annoying. I actually prefer to watch full series on Netflix once they've already been canceled. Oh, and about scandal. I hate Fitz. He's worthless and Olivia needs to walk far away. Does anyone agree with me or am I alone here?

I made my favorite pumpkin soup recipe for dinner last night for the first time in forever and it was soooo delicious. Even my picky fiance, who had already decided he was not gonna like it, said it was really good! Last fall Jess had deleted her blog and since I didn't save the recipe I couldn't make it. Thank goodness she came back to blogland!

Sam and I are picking up our wedding rings this week and I just want to wear them so bad. I asked Sam if we could just go to the court house and get hitched so I can start wearing my rings now. I was just joking though... probably.

I have a super awesome job that I absolutely love, but I don't make very much money so I've been searching for something new. It makes me so sad to think about quitting, but I gotta be able to support my lifestyle!

I'm pretty obsessed with the emoji update. The eye roll emoji is without a doubt my spirit animal. I'm upset there's still no lizard, though!

Anyways, there's a mini update on my life! I'll be back soon... maybe. No promises.

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  1. I'm the same way with hating to wait for new episodes on TV. I haven't watched Scandal at all this season yet... I'm saving up until I have a ton of episodes on the DVR and then I'm going to go buck wild. I am actually a Fitz fan though. Also a Jake fan. I'm torn.

  2. Blogging is hard! I'm trying so hard to get back into but it's been pretty inconsistent.. but hey twice this week is pretty good? And I do disagree about Ftiz BUT I think both of them are bad people and they deserve each other so I root for them to be together! I think Jake and Mellie deserve better!

  3. I've been waiting SO LONG for the eye roll! I see that you've also used the middle finger, a personal favorite of mine.. LOL

  4. Gah yes!! Netflix has me spoiled! I just want to watch my shows all at once!!
    Just found your blog. Hiiiii!! Xxoo