Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Today I'm linking up with Sami & telling you all about my boring weekend shenanigans.

Lesbi-honest, I don't even really remember Friday. It was a whole 3 days ago. I think I just ran errands and lounged around. I was supposed to work, but it got canceled. Hey, I'm not complaining! Here's a little kitty to make Friday more exciting.

Saturday was a little more exciting, but just a little. I went to a Dove Chocolate Discoveries party. Have you ever heard of this? They have chocolate everything! It's expensive, as expected, but we sampled some deeee-licious chocolate things! I recommend the barbecue sauce... seriously!
Later in the evening my momma and I had a little girls night. We had fondue for dinner- yum! Along with some teriyaki chicken & mushrooms she made, and for dessert we had strawberries with white chocolate fondue- YUM! :) We also killed a bottle of wine or two.  Then we watched Safe Haven. Have you seen that yet? It really exceded my expectations! It was a really good movie and the ending threw us both for a loop.
Last but not least, I ended the night with a longgg phone chat with my most favorite guy ♥ It was nice because we've barely talked all week!

Sunday was a little nuts. My mommy dearest lost her phone at the lake Saturday night (her and her best friend like to go on walks in the middle of the night. Weirdos) so I went to help her look for it. We walked to wholeee beach and couldn't find it anywhere, ugh. She decided she wasn't going to buy a new and she was giving up cell phones- crazy lady. Well, she did end up finding it! It was in the pocket of her folding chair in the trunk of her car... where I told her to look in the first place. Moral of the story? Amanda's always right. At least I got this pretty picture of the creek during our hunt!

Sami's Shenanigans

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  1. Gimme that adorable kitten!!! How freaking precious. And also some fondue, because that just sounds so amazing!