Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cara Box: August!

Happy Wednesday, friends! I am still adjusting to this new schedule/house/life, so things might be a little inconsistent around the blog for a few days. But I promised to show you my Cara Box today, so that's what I am going to do!

Not familiar with Cara Box? Basically it's a blogger (and non-blogger) exchange that gives you the opportunity to make friends and get presents! This link will explain it a little better.

This month I was paired up with Kara, who I sent a box to, and Jameson, who sent me a (super awesome) box! I loved getting to know both of these ladies. Kara and I had a lot in common, and she was so sweet. I really enjoyed picking out some fun things for her, and I even got my craft on a couple times! Go check out her box here.

Jameson was also wonderful.  She has such a joyful attitude and I loved getting to know her this month. She filled my package with so much fun stuff- definitely one of my favorite Cara Boxes to date!

She sent me:
  • A tiny calendar from Italy because I told her I like to travel
  • A cute little notebook that it PERFECT for in my car- I'm always needing to make notes and grocery lists!
  • Some very fun nail polish
  • A cute little tin with bobby pins in it- I LOVE THIS! It is so perfect, my mom even asked if she could have it!
  • Wine glasses
  • A crystal growing kit that looks so neat! Can't wait to try it out :)
  • little things that make your wine bottle tilt up
  • Some super cute coasters
  • NOT PICTURED- a bath bomb that smells SO good!
She also sent me a birthday car in addition to her letter (too darn sweet), and she packed it all in that super cute box which is perfect to store all my knick knacks in.

And wanna know the most exciting part? She said she forgot to put in something, so I get another surprise :) My first mail at my new house!

Okay, let's back track to those wine glasses.

Jameson made me an adorable set of glitter wine glasses! I was so excited when I opened them up, and I thought it was so cute that she matched the polishes to the glasses. My mom and I had a couple glasses of wine after the move, but the blue and green glasses haven't been used yet! So, who wants to come over for a girl's night? :)

My August Cara Box experience was so fun, and I can't wait for next time!

Cara Box

Now you want a package in the mail, right? Well good news! I want to invite you to join Influenster! Influenster is an interactive service that sends you free items in the mail to test and review! So far I've gotten a few boxes, but some of my favorite items were the Sally Hansen Nail Effects (love them!), a full-sized bottle of bath and body works body spray, delicious snacks, the Olay Fresh Effects system, and sea salt spray for my hair! (That last item I didn't end up enjoying, but at least I found out for free- I'd been wanting some for ages!)

It's fun, and completely free (my favorite), but the only bummer is that it's invite only. However, I have five invites to send out, so the first five people who comment or email me their email address will get an invite from me! :)

Don't you want a box of goodies?

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  1. I want an invite please!!!

    I love that the nail polish and glasses matched, it looks like maybe the coasters match too. Great box!

  2. I cannot wait to do Cara box! It looks so fun!!

    And I want an invite, please (and carrots! hahaha)! :-)

  3. Omgggggg the nailpolish matching the cups? Pure genious, love the idea!

  4. Oh my goodness I would love an invite Amanda if you still have one.!!!

    I am so happy those glasses made it all the way out there!!!!!! I was really nervous about that one!

    I will be sending your little missing item probably next week...I have to make it to target to get a little padded envelope (OR my IPSY could come and i could use that...but you know things do not always work out the way you plan!

    Glad you had a good move and would, again, love to have an invite to Influenster!

  5. I want an invite, please! The wine glasses matched with the nail polish, and your cara box goodies were great!

  6. Um sending gifts is my favorite! I cannot wait to check out the Cara box thing. How did I not know about this! I'd LOVE an invite.

    And I have missed you! Glad you are back I missed you in blog land!

  7. I'd love an invite, but I see 5 requests already! Bummer! Will keep an eye on your blog for more opportunities! :)

  8. Cute! I love the wine glasses and the matching polish!!