Monday, September 23, 2013

An Aca-Awkward Weekend

Oh hey! It's me again, here to tell you about my weekend. We'll start with Friday.

First, I had an interview for a part-time retail job. So I get there all ready to blow them away with my awesomeness, and she's like "We just have to wait for everyone else. You know it's a group interview, right?" Um, no. No I didn't. And then, the interview starts and she's like "You guys know this is a holiday position, right?" We all exchanged awkward looks because, um, no again. And then, last but not least, she says "You're guaranteed at least 3 hours a week." Say what? So, that went well. I did get a follow up interview, which occurred by phone this morning, but honestly it doesn't sound like anything I'm too interested in.

On Saturday, I had dinner with my favorites: Sam and his our BFF, Alex. We went to Taste of India in the University area. I love Indian food, and this place was pretty good! It was less expensive than Saffron, where we normally go, and I would definitely go again. Except that the university area is like an hour away. Whatevs.

Oh, and let me tell you about Alex's girlfriend, since we're talking about things that are aca-awkward. She did not go. In fact, she never does anything with us. I have yet to meet her. Although, that might not be 100% her fault- Alex says he only likes her if he doesn't spend very much time with her, so they only see each other once a week. Sounds like a totally healthy relationship, right?

Sunday morning started with Sam bringing me pumpkin cheesecake in bed, so it was destined to be a great day. After cheesecake and getting my candy crush fix, Sam and I headed to one of his buddy's houses to watch the panthers game. And lemme tell ya, that game was just depressing to watch. I don't care either way about the Panthers or the Giants, but that game was sad. But, aside from the Giants colossal (and aca-awkward) loss, it was a pretty fun time. Sam's friend had a giant projector, so we pretty much watched the game life-size (okay, not quite) and I got to meet Sam's work friends who I hadn't met before. Sitting in a room full of cops saying things like 10-18 and calling each other by their last names was, well, interesting. 

After that game, we met some other friends at the bar for some more football. It was fun until the Steelers let me down. Come on boys, what are you doing?! Sam consoled me with a banana fudge milkshake, though, so I survived :)

I don't normally like cookout, but they knew what they were doing with that milkshake.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Ugh! I had a group interview at Aeropostale wayyyy back in the day. It was the dumbest thing ever.

  2. It amazes me how many companies have really terrible interview etiquette! But pumpkin cheesecake in bed sounds fabulous!

  3. Ugh that is so frustrating. They should have told you all that info BEFORE. Terrible!!

  4. Can I have that milkshake NOW! I loved the aca-awkward weekend haha! Irritating about the interview though. Jeez. I had a fab weekend with friends, just posted all about it :-D

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  5. Waiiiiiit. Is Sam a cop for CMPD?!

  6. Pumpkin Cheesecake in bed?!?! Bradley would rather see me once a week than do that for me!

    Please tell me how you consumed so much deliciousness this weekend and yet you are so cute and tiny?!

  7. Oh Steelers! They're killing me! Hoping they get rid of Haley soon and at least start to jive again before the end of the year... being engaged to a huge Ravens fan is going to make for a looooong season if they can't get it together!

  8. I had a group interview at VS. I was so irritated by them not telling me that it was a group interview and so thrown off by the women with me in the room that I basically just didn't even talk.

  9. Yum I love Indian food! Totally weird about the girlfriend . . . guys never cease to amaze me with their choices in girls!