Monday, August 6, 2012


Okay, so I lied on my last post, it's not tomorrow. BUT, I'm writing now :)

Okay, so you know how all this chick-fil-a controversy has been going on? Well, I am a strong supported of gay marriage and I have been against chick-fil-a for a long time.  Nearly a year ago I learned that Chick-fil-a has a charitable organization called WinShape, and a major part of this is organization is that they do marriage counseling and retreats. This organization refuses to serve homosexual couples. When I learned this I stopped eating chick-fil-a.  Due to the recent controversy I've also learned that they give money to organizations that attempt to counsel homosexual boys and girls into being heterosexual, which is about the most horrible thing I have ever heard.

Now, I'm just going to be very straightforward and honest for a second:
I am literally disgusted by anyone who supports chick-fil-a.
And, I'm rather disgusted by everyone who doesn't care, too, because if you are doing nothing you are a part of the problem.

I really try my hardest not to judge people's beliefs or think differently of them merely because of their opinions, (actions are a different story, and I am against Chick-fil-a's actions, not their beliefs.) but this is a case where I really can't understand the people who are openly in support of this corporation and their horrible discrimination.  But maybe it's their actions, too? They are giving money, essentially, to these horrible organizations by giving money to Chick-fil-a.  Idk, just a thought.  What I don't understand, though, is how people can be so narrow minded, discriminatory, and just plain hateful. Why were you posting pictures of your greasy fast food on my newsfeed last week? Congratulations, you are against equal rights.  I lost respect for so many people that day, some of them people who I considered good friends.

My next thought on the subject (and hopefully it's more organized than the last) is stop telling me you believe these things because you are a Christian. I AM A CHRISTIAN, AND I SUPPORT EQUAL RIGHTS (and gay marriage).  Just because I believe in God, and because I have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior does not mean that I am incapable of making my own decisions.  I do not have to take the bible word for word, if I did I'd be going to hell for the cotton/polyester blend tank top I'm wearing.

 And I'll tell you another thing, MY God would never persecute someone for being Gay.If God came to me and said "You know, Anonymous, I am really against gay marriage and I hate homosexuals" then I would say to him "You know, God, I don't want to hang out with you anymore." But I believe with my whole heart that my God is a loving God and would never believe something like that.  That's why I still hang out with him.

I don't homosexuality is wrong, not even for a Christian.  But even if I did, who am I to make that decision for other people? I can decide not to be gay (well, I actually probably can't, but that's a debate for another day) Yes, I am a Christian. Does that make me right? No. Does that make non-Christians wrong? No. We don't KNOW what is right, we can only guess and believe, just like everyone else in the world. So you've felt the presence of God and had your prayers answered? Well so have Jewish people and Muslim people and Polytheists and people who pray to their very own god, even if that god is an old tooth brush. And people who don't believe in anything choose that because they've never felt that, and they've never had their prayers answered.  Everyone chooses their own beliefs because it's what's right for them, and that's okay.
Religious Freedom is what makes this country so beautiful.
So learn to respect other people's beliefs. Learn that just because you believe you're right doesn't mean that someone else is wrong. Religion is a mystery, and by the time you know all the answers it will be too late to tell anyone else about it.  Live your life how you want to, and let everyone else do the same. Believe in God, don't be gay, but DON'T tell me I can't. And don't support those who do, because what IS wrong is discrimination.

Anyways, I apologize for this not being the most organized of posts; this subject makes me rant. So what do you think? Do you agree with me, disagree with me? Why? Are you for or against Chick-fil-a's beliefs and actions?

Until next time!
Love, Anonymous

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